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Leveraging Your Customers’ Cellphones to Promote Your Restaurant

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While 77% of people own a smartphone, 95% of those that do are millennials. These are the tweeters and the Instagrammers. These are the people that are constantly connected and are always looking for new technology to utilize. This boldness and curiosity create a wealth of opportunities for businesses and brands. Here’s how you can leverage this ever growing demographic to market your restaurant:


Keep things mobile friendly

Since people are always on the go these days, it’s becoming more and more prevalent that businesses have a part in people’s mobile lives. Whether someone is waiting for a bus, in school, out with friends, or at a coffee shop, they always have their phone along for the ride. To become a part of your customers’ world, you can do anything from creating an app for your restaurant to interacting on social media.


Fast solutions are the best solutions

News isn’t the only thing that travels fast these days. Smart phones have created a need for speed like never before. When you’re thinking about your logistics, make sure to create a process that’s quick and easy for your customers. From online ordering for pick up to your point of sale process in house, ensure a smooth process. Your customers will thank you; verbally and monetarily.


Showcase your values

Although we’re in a digital age, people still like to know that they’re dealing with people; not just a computer screen. Don’t be afraid to showcase your company’s values through your social media channels and website. Let them see a behind-the-scenes video of your chef in the kitchen or photos of your staff. Connecting with your audience through emotion and story telling will create a stronger bond and a more loyal customer.


Create an experience

Make a lasting impact on your customers and create an experience that allows them to interact with your brand. With our new SelFone Wireless Print Station, users can simply take a photo on their cellphone, connect to SelFone’s customized WiFi hot spot, and print. They can send photos instantly to the printer, right from their table!


Every photo can be printed with your logo, a coupon, or any promotional design you would like. At the end of the meal, they walk away with memories and your business promotions in hand. Your restaurant will be a part of their life forever.


To learn more about the station click HERE or call one of our sales representatives today for more information on purchasing your wireless print station: 1 (888) 307-0309.