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Learn Photography Faster and Better by Strategizing

screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-9-20-24-amOne of the greatest things about photography is its constant evolution. If you are a beginner, you are always learning and if you are an experienced photographer you are still learning. Photography currently presents us with the opportunity to shoot with high-tech cameras that are loaded with features. The world around us presents countless things to shoot, from portraits, to wildlife, to street scenes. It doesn’t matter what you pick, you can consistently become a better photographer in the process. Here are a couple strategies to help develop your skills.

Log Time Using Each Lense

It’s very common for photographers to have many lenses, each of which vary in purpose. To best understand how each lens works, you need to log a significant amount of time with each one. This will help you learn what differentiates your lenses from one another and, more importantly, allow you to choose the right lense when there is a great photo opportunity with no hesitation.

By practicing shooting with each lense you will be able to focus on taking photos, rather than being concerned with changing lenses. Now, your concentration will be on composing a good photo. By using this strategy, you are improving your photographic vision as you learn more about your gear.

Shoot One Type of Subject Matter at a Time

The issue that results from switching from one subject to another is that instead of becoming a master of each, you spread your skills thin. So, instead of shooting everything from landscapes to portraits, set aside a week, or even a month, to focus on shooting one type of subject matter. This will allow you to learn which settings work best with each subject.

Taking the time to strive to get a broad understanding of each lense or each photography subject will allow you to learn faster, pushing you to know the influential factors with each. Later on in your photography career, this will allow you to shoot better, faster and more consistently.

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