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Increase the Fun With Event Photography Services

screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-9-36-29-amTo be an event photographer means that you not only have to be a photographer, but also a very outgoing person and part entertainer. Some events start off with a bang and some move slowly and could use a big personality to get everything going.

As the photographer, you can lighten the mood and encourage everyone to have fun. This will be reflected in your photographs as you capture people relaxing and enjoying themselves. Here are two simple ways to increase an event’s enjoyment level:

Be A Cheerleader

As an event photographer, take on the persona of a fan and cheer! People at the event are there for a special reason and you can get even better photos by encouraging them. It may seem bold to bring people out on the dance floor or start a chant for someone who just won a big award, but if you do it, the smiles on the crowd’s faces will be a great photo opp!

Be an involved guest, not only snapping photos but showing everyone at the event that you’re here to enjoy yourself and have fun, too. Ask people questions, get involved with what is going on. This way, when it comes time to shoot photos, the attendees will be much more likely to smile big or strike a good pose.

Set Up a Photo Booth

A photo booth brings a surprising, entertaining element to any event. Photo booths keep the crowd amused and provide a secluded space to take silly photos. If you add props to your photo booth, the possibility of photo booth fun only increases. It is great to see the laughter and smiles across people’s faces as they exit the booth. The take home photos from the booth are a great memory for guests to hold onto. This service is certainly worth the investment for clients and increases the event’s overall experience.

Invest in a printer that can print pictures in a matter of seconds for your next event. The new Mitsubishi CP-D90DW premium dye-sub digital color printer conveniently prints exceptional quality photographs at top speed by automatically analyzing images for faster print speed and optimum quality. With its efficient rewind function, you can print multiple sizes from 2”x6” up to 6”x8” in just one roll of paper, without changing media. Check out our selection of high quality dye-sub printers for every budget and printing application.

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