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Important Factors To Consider in Military Control Room Environments

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Command centers, also known as control rooms, are essential to the success of many military and federal organizations. As the centralized unit within an organization, the control room acts as the brain of the organization, sending and receiving sensitive information and delegating critical tasks as necessary. 

Given the sheer volume of delicate, high-priority information handled in the control room, each room must be designed thoughtfully. Below we discuss two vital factors to consider when designing and planning your control room environment.

Unobstructed Viewing

Video walls are often the heart of the control room as they display all the information for control room operators to view. With the need to see several incoming data points quickly and accurately, many organizations are choosing to install large-scale video walls that allow for clear and comprehensive viewing capabilities. 

Additionally, the display wall system must be installed in a centralized location with unobstructed viewing for each operator. The placement of the display wall system should also not compete with the location of each operator’s workstation console.

The Auditory Environment

It’s imperative to also consider the auditory environment when designing a military command center. This means that within the control room, noise levels should not be distracting and shouldn’t interfere with any warning signals, communications, or the general mental performance of control room operators. Ambient noise should be minimized, and the room’s acoustics should facilitate maximum efficiency and productivity for operators. To achieve this, consider the structure of the room from the walls to the ceiling to the flooring, and also consider installing noise cancellation technology to reduce unnecessary competing sounds. 

These two factors are only some of the many considerations for designing a well constructed military control room. By being mindful of these logistical considerations, organizations can reap great success in their command center environments with equally happy and productive operators. For more tips on creating an optimal control room environment, follow our blog. If you’re interested in real-time updates regarding all Mitsubishi Display Wall news and releases, follow us on Twitter.