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How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Event with Branded Photos

SWPS New FeatureSocial media is a powerful connector and one of the best tools for discovery in our increasingly digital world. Because of this, using social media to promote your event – and by extension, your event planning business – is not only wise, but it’s expected. At Mitsubishi Electric Photo Imaging, we offer high-performance printing products and accessories that allow you to use branded photos in social media campaigns for increased exposure. One product, in particular, the Mitsubishi Selfone Wireless Print Station (SWPS), allows you to create custom themes and branded borders for wireless prints at your events. Additionally, the SWPS is hassle-free, requiring no specific software or app for guests to download to their mobile devices. Guests connect wirelessly to the print station and print from the accessory’s online interface directly to the printer.

If you’re looking to learn how to incorporate your on-site printing station and branded photos into your social media promotional strategy, read on.


As a highly visual platform, Instagram provides fertile ground for promoting your event and company. With alluring visuals and unique sensory experiences often being central aspects of parties and events, event-planning businesses are naturally well suited for promotions on Instagram. To leverage Instagram’s many capabilities to increase your company and event’s visibility, consider doing the following:

  1. Using the Mitsubishi Selfone Wireless Print Station (SWPS), create borders and frames for your print station with event-specific hashtags and your businesses online handles.
  2. Encourage guests to use the SWPS to create tangible memories of the event and to share the photos online.
  3. Implement a hashtag campaign using your event-specific hashtags to facilitate engagement between your brand and event attendees, and to increase online visibility.
  4. Post snackable, bite-sized video clips, and fun teasers from the event to your brand’s Instagram Stories while the event is underway. This will showcase your event planning skills to potential future customers.
  5. Periodically search your branded hashtags on the platform and share any user-generated content from the event to your Instagram Stories account for the day, being sure to tag the users as well.
  6. Consider doing a brief Instagram live stream to boost your discoverability on the app. Instagram prioritizes live video content, so choosing to live stream a portion of your events will push your account profile to the front of the Stories feed and notify all of your followers that you are going live. This is an excellent way to remain top-of-mind for clients and to deliberately get in front of your audience.



YouTube is the second most prominent search engine after Google. Having a YouTube channel that showcases all your events will boost your discoverability considerably. To optimize your rankings in search page results, be sure to have a thorough YouTube strategy:

  1. Create two-minute highlight reels after each event you host as content for your YouTube channels. Although YouTube viewers have a longer attention span than those consuming video on other platforms, you still want to ensure the video is brief so that you do not lose the viewer. Keeping videos around the two-minute mark allows you to show enough footage of the event without becoming uninteresting.
  2. Post regularly. The YouTube algorithm favors a consistent posting schedule, so aim to post a video highlight on a set schedule. Once a week, at the same time each week, would be a great goal here.
  3. Be sure to post high-quality videos. Unlike Instagram where iPhone quality photos and videos can often outperform more polished content, YouTube viewers expect a different level of quality.
  4. Add your key brand elements to each video. Feature your company’s logo in the end screen of each video (the last 20 seconds of the video) and include a scripted call to action, such as “Click to see our last event” and link to the previous event video.



Twitter is an excellent social network to use during your events. It allows your audience to follow along with the happenings in real time. To promote your event and event business in real time, consider the following:

  1. Live tweet every couple of minutes throughout the event using your branded hashtags. With the average lifespan of a tweet lasting just 18 minutes, you want to up your level of tweeting during an event to avoid being buried by the fast-paced nature of the platform. Aim to tweet every seven minutes or so during the event.
  2. Let your audience know that you will be live-tweeting in advance so that those that want to follow the occasion will know when to be active on the platform.
  3. Retweet posts from other event-goers using your branded hashtags to boost engagement and reach. Encourage guests to share photos of their branded prints on Twitter and retweet any users that do so.
  4. Tap into any relevant trending hashtags. Each day Twitter shares which hashtags are generating the most engagement. Browse these hashtags and see if any can be used in conjunction with your branded hashtags to gain additional local exposure.



Facebook is the king of social media platforms, with over 2 billion monthly active users as of the end of 2018. It’s imperative that your event planning business taps into the reach of Facebook, and using branded photos is an easy way to get more eyes on your events and business. To harness the power of Facebook, be sure to do the following:

  1. Encourage event guests to share photos of their photo booth branded prints on their Facebook pages. Taking a picture of a photo can be a fun way for social media users to add a unique twist to their feed content, and with the branding of your event and business printed on the photo frames, your event will gain significant exposure.
  2. Post a video to your event company’s business page showing highlights of the occasion. The Facebook algorithm favors video content, and videos that are one minute long perform best on the platform. Because of this, choose only the best clips of the event to share in a well-edited video.
  3. Building upon the last tip, be sure to optimize your video for soundless viewing. Many people browse their feeds without the sound on, so adding short captions with a brief explanation of what’s taking place will make the video more watchable in all settings.


Mitsubishi Electric Photo Imaging is dedicated to offering event organizers and photographers support in their business endeavors. To learn more about our high-performance printers that are excellent for instant on-site printing at events, visit our printing products display page. For more information about our Selfone Wireless Print Station and its photo branding capabilities, click here.