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How To Use Instant Photo Printing and Branded Photos to Promote Your Event Online

Selfone Wireless Print StationAre you an event organizer hoping to transform your events into experiences for guests while also spreading your brand as well? In today’s world, being able to bridge digital and in-real-life experiences may be tricky to master, but the payoff can have immense benefits for your event planning business. By implementing a photo booth station at your events with branded prints, you can easily take the in-real-life experience online.

Have a photo booth station

Photography booths are always a hit at parties, as they offer event attendees a fun experience and a tangible memory of the occasion. If your event business doesn’t already have a photo booth set up, you can quickly transform your existing event photography station into an on-demand printing station with Mitsubishi Electric US’ professional printers. The Mitsubishi Electric US range of professional printers offers many options catering to various professional photography needs. One of our bestsellers for instant photo printing is our CP-D90DW Dye Sub Photo Booth Printer. The CP-D90DW is compact and fast, making it ideal for photo booths and kiosks or other printing stations with limited space. If you’re unsure which printer is the right option for your business, you can also contact the Mitsubishi Electric US expert sales team for assistance.

Transform the photo booth into a wireless printing station

To elevate the on-site photography experience for your event guests, add a wireless printing component to your station. Mitsubishi Electric US’ Selfone Wireless Printing Station is a handy accessory that attaches to the CP-D90DW printers. The attachment has built-in wi-fi that allows guests to connect to the device and print their selfies and other images from their phone directly from your printer. The set up for the Selfone Wireless Printing Station is incredibly user-friendly and hassle-free, requiring no new apps to download, no needed internet access (as it has built-in wi-fi capabilities), and it allows multiple size printing from almost every Android and iOS device. Not only does this allow more individual expression via photography at your events, but it also sets your instant photo printing station apart from traditional photo booth set-ups.

Brand your photos

In addition to offering an easy set-up process and user-friendly operation, the Mitsubishi Electric Selfone Wireless Printing Station allows you to create customized frames and borders for your event photo prints. You can create a themed border with the event name and your company’s logo, or add a fun hashtag unique to the event and your company. Now your event is not only an elevated experience for guests, but it has gone from being an offline-only experience to an online event as well. Encourage event guests to share the branded photos online by using the unique hashtag and offer to feature any great shots on your business’ Instagram account and other social feeds, too. By adding a hashtag to your branded photo prints, guests will share their experience and your brand within their broader networks, taking your business’ name beyond the four walls of the event.