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How To Tell A Captivating Story At Your Next Event

photographer at networking event

From the extravagant milestone birthday party to the annual company luncheon, as an event photographer it’s important to tell a captivating story for each event you cover. This might be a difficult task if your event is seemingly simple, but it’s your duty as the photographer to find unique and interesting moments. So, how do you find that hook at your next event?

Do Your Research!

One of the best ways to prepare for your next event is to do your due diligence before the shoot. By giving yourself a full understanding of what to expect before you get to the location, you’ll gain the confidence needed to find and capture the story. Ask a lot of questions. Who are the guests? What’s the purpose of the event? When it comes to the venue, arrive early to get comfortable with the layout of the room. See where the windows are for the best lighting and note any unique building traits. This will give you more time during the event to focus on getting great shots, rather than where to go to find them.

Mix Up Your Angles

Once you’ve done your research to find the best areas in the venue to snap your photos, mix up the angles! From wide shots to close ups, give variation to each moment. For example, when taking photos of the keynote speaker, capture different angles of the speaker and the audience to tell the story! Find the moments that guests wouldn’t be able to see on their own; every detail matters.

Become a Fly on the Wall

As a photographer, there’s a fine line between being a guest and a professional. It’s imperative to stay alert and keep your eyes and ears peeled for good content. It may be in your best interest to move around the event unnoticed in order to capture genuine moments. Document things that the audience may not see, like the event set up or the speaker preparing to give his or her speech. Tell your story through the subjects in the room and present a timeline of the events!

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