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How To Shoot Stress-Free Wedding Photos

screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-9-18-06-amFor a couple and their families, a wedding can be very stressful time. There is plenty to plan, a lot to coordinate, and lasting memories to be captured. Being a wedding photographer means you have the responsibility of documenting the couple’s wedding through your art. There are many ways you can make the process free of stress for both you and your clients.

Offer the Products Your Clients Need

Budget is a stressor for many couples getting married. Weddings have to be strategically planned and calculated. Unfortunately, photography services typically are cut back first when money is tight. A great solution is to offer an album registry. Offering an album registry is a great way to transform your photography business and allows your clients to crowd fund your services. This means that instead of buying wedding gifts, guests can contribute to paying for the couple’s photography services. With a little help, your clients will get the photography services they want. 

Finalize the Details Before The Wedding Day

Meeting with your clients a handful of days before the ceremony will allow you all to focus on the direction to take on the big day. Make sure you note the best time to get photos of the wedding party, where you should be positioned during the ceremony and create a shot list to follow.

Also, it is helpful to map out the schedule of the day such as when the flowers will arrive, what time dinner will take place and what time the music starts. This way you get to build your schedule the event’s timeline and you will know where you need to be.

 Start With Big Group Shots

Group photos take organization and patience. There always needs to be multiple shots taken because it’s hard to guarantee that everyone will look good in the same shot. It is more likely for you to get a good shot if you start with the large groups first. This way you aren’t making the grandparents wait around while photos are being taken of the bride and groom. Start large and then have a plan of action moving forward with smaller group shots. In the meeting with your clients before the wedding, get a list of all group shots that need to be taken and plan an order in which to do so.

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