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How to Launch Your Photo Booth Business in 3 Easy Steps

Photo booths add a great deal of fun to any wedding or event, and continue to grow in popularity – which means it is the perfect time to launch your photo booth business. Whether you are thinking about setting up a photo booth or already have one and just need to know how to launch your new service, start with these 3 easy steps.

Choose the Right Printer & Props

Everyone loves getting their printed strip of photos after they exit the photo booth with their friends. When you are searching for a printer, you’ll want one that is compact but prints photos quickly. Our latest dye sub photo booth printer, the CP-D90DW, is a full-featured event photo printer that provides options such as wireless printing, helping you build a cost-efficient print station through any connected device, like a tablet.

Props add to the excitement of your photo booth. Who will fight over the big, goofy glasses? Giving your customers silly items to put on during their photo shoot will bring them bigger smiles and lots of laughs, making your photo booth extra memorable.

Add it to Your Services

With your new photo booth, you’ve got a way to refresh your photography package deals. When potential customers are comparing photographers and their services, you’re sure to stand apart with your photo booth service. Make it an add-on cost to any package, include it with existing packages, or let the service stand on its own.

Notify Your Customers and Prospects

Now, it’s time to announce your new offerings. Try an email, a post on social media or an article in your newsletter. Alert your following of your new service and encourage them to share your latest packages with their family and friends online. You never know who is looking to hire a photographer! To get bookings right away, you can offer your existing connections a discount code to use for a photo booth bookings.

To create a photo booth that customers love, invest in a printer that will streamline your workload and enhance your photos. Check out our selection of high quality dye-sub printers for every budget and printing application.

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