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How To Improve Your Eye For Photography

screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-9-14-40-amSuccessful photographers have one special quality that sets them apart from the rest – an eye that constantly seeks out detail. It’s the special, individual characteristics in a photograph that make it memorable. The best photos display color, texture or other individual elements in a way that captures attention. The following tips will help improve your eye for photography so you can capture optimal shots.

Scan for Patterns

When you’re looking at the landscape around you, find repeating patterns. Repeating patterns can be found in building columns, tiled floors, or in the structure of a rope. They always appear intriguing to the eye. A shot that highlights these patterns draws the viewer in because of the strong, organized appearance.

Play with Textures

A telephone pole appears much different when it is in the background of a photo compared to a photo of the pole up close. Soft green grass is often neglected when there are people standing on it to be photographed. However, a shot from grass level up toward your subjects can bring a new perspective to your photographs.

Find Contrast

Typically, contrast is thought about in terms of lighting or color. These are important to use in your photographs, but you can add even more depth and dimension to a shot. Try seeking out moving objects against stationary objects, or a light surrounded by darkness, or the opposite, a dark silhouette in the light. Contrast gives your photos a three-dimensional feeling.

Make sure to focus on finding these types of details to improve your photography overall. For exceptional quality photos, the new Mitsubishi Electric CP-D90DW creates high-density images that prints at top speed by automatically analyzing images for faster print speed and optimum quality.

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