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How to Get More Photo Booth Bookings

screen-shot-2017-01-03-at-10-52-31-amAfter you’ve invested in a photo booth for your photography business, the next step is to book it out to customers. Photo booths are increasingly popular today, as they are being sought after for both weddings and events of all kinds. It is important to spread the word about your photo booth investment so that you are able to fill up your calendar with bookings.

Online Specials

Spend time working to build your social media following. Connect with everyone from influencers to potential customers to informational resources. Make sure to craft your messages with your customers in mind. In other words, don’t push out promotional messages, instead focus on engaging your following around a topic you both enjoy – photography! You can share your story and photography tips online to bring your business down to a personal level with those who follow you.

Once you’ve engaged your audience online, offer them a special. Offer a discount code for photo booth booking or run a promotion to win photo booth services – whatever you choose, make sure it’s an offer they can’t resist.

Make a Deal for Your Past Customers

Offer your returning customers a deal on your photo booth services. For example, if they’ve hired you in the past for photography, they will now get your photo booth service at a discounted rate. This deal will entice those who already know about your photography services to be introduced to your photo booth service. You are showing them that you value them as more than just one-time customers.

Seasonal Offer

If you find that during the winter your photo booth bookings slow down, it may be a good idea to announce an exclusive offer during the winter months. This way your audience will be inclined to book sooner than they may have if there wasn’t an expiration date on the deal. It also puts bookings in your calendar during a time that would otherwise be slow.

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