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How To Enhance Your Restaurant’s Ambiance To Attract A Crowd

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Change can be a good thing. Even the smallest enhancements in your restaurant can make a big difference. Here are 4 ways to bolster your restaurant’s ambiance:


Revamp Your Front Entrance

The front of your restaurant is the face of your business. It’s what creates the first impression with your customers. When you’re designing the front entrance, think about the message that you want to convey. Ask yourself how you want them to feel from the moment they open your door. Create a unique and comfortable setting with bold decorations and unique light fixtures.


Provide Entertainment

You already have the venue, why not have the entertainment too? Picking certain nights to have someone perform can draw in crowds, even on the weekdays. Your customers will love dining with friends to the sound of someone singing or playing an instrument. Not only will it create an ambiance, but it will also create something special for your customers to look forward to – aside from the food. Be sure to advertise your lineup on your website, social media, and within your restaurant so that people can easily spread the word.


Plan Surprise Giveaways

It’s always the simple things in life that mean the most. Surprising one of your guests with a special giveaway will definitely take the cake. Whether it’s your 50th diner that gets a free dessert or the first person in the door at 8pm who gets a free drink, you’ll create a happy incentive for people to come back to your restaurant. Not only will people remember the kind gesture, but they’ll also want to spread the word to their friends.


Set Up A Photo-Worthy Backdrop

If your restaurant has an outdoor space, don’t be afraid to utilize it. If you’re hosting an event or running a special promotion, make a little room to create a photo-worthy backdrop. Since people take photos while they’re out with friends and family, they’ll love a fun and irresistible setup. It will provide them with a fun experience and will provide your restaurant with extra exposure.

If you want to take it a step further, our SelFone Wireless Printing Station can provide your guests with promotional keepsakes. Users can take a photo on their cell phone, connect to the SelFone’s WiFi hot spot, and print right from where they’re standing!

Every photo can be printed with your logo, a coupon, or any promotional design you would like. At the end of the event, they walk away with their memories and your business information in hand.

To learn more about the SelPhone Wireless Print Station, visit our website or call one of our sales representatives at 1 (888) 307-0309. This affordable tool will help you take your marketing efforts to the next level.