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How To Create a Great Experience For Your Event Guests

Event Confetti and Blue LightingCreating a memorable experience for your event guests should always be an event planner’s number one goal. But with 140,000 people in the US working as meeting, convention and event planners, how do you make your events unforgettable and stand out from the rest? Here we offer tips on transforming your events into great, lasting experiences for your attendees.

First Impressions are Lasting Impressions

From the moment your guests arrive at the event venue, every aspect of the experience should welcome guests. Everything from having clear parking instructions, pleasant greeters at the entrance, an organized agenda and engaging hosts – every touch point for a guest sends a message, and you want every messaging to communicate a positive, memorable experience. Thus, ensure that everyone is organized and pleasant when interacting with event guests from the moment they pull up to the venue.

Appeal to Event Attendees’ Sense of Smell

Tapping into the sensory experience of the guests can make for a lasting expression, especially when using scents. Scents have been cited as the biggest trigger for memories and can recall an event or experience of the past spontaneously in individuals. The link between scent and memory is so powerful that there is even a whole industry around it called scent marketing. Thus, consider enhancing your event with appropriate aromas. Perhaps include regional smells tied to your event’s theme, such as local florals and spices, or other unique scents that tie in with your event. Pleasant smells can be incorporated through scented table candles, an infused scent in the venue (à la Hollister), or with fragranced party favors (soaps, for example) that you send home with your guests as a sensory reminder.

Make Good Use of Colors and Lighting

Colors and lighting can also enhance the event experience for guests. Effective lighting can set a mood, channel a vibe, or add a unique flair. Consider how different colors and lights can affect the atmosphere of an event when picking a color scheme and planning lighting. For example, the color red is typically associated with power, warmth, energy and excitement and is well suited for party atmospheres. For more sensible and professional affairs, blue is an excellent color to use since the color conveys trust, intelligence, logic, communication, and calmness. Similarly, green colors and lighting are great for environmental or wellness centered events, and yellow is great for art exhibitions due to its vibrant yet friendly associations.

Choose Music That Aligns With Your Event’s Theme

Music has always been an effective way to set the tone at an event. The right music can calm a crowd or get the party started. Just be sure to choose music that aligns with the theme of the event and suits the audience.

Add Event Attractions

Adding event attractions is the most exciting way to create a memorable experience for guests. Attractions are often interactive and can encourage a lot of engagement from guests. For children’s events, attractions such as a bounce house, a trackless choo-choo train or a balloon twister can be a great draw for the kids. At adult events, incorporating a photography element, such as a photo booth, is always a crowd pleaser. Mitsubishi Electric’s printers are perfect for such attractions, as they offer fast, on-the-spot printing in a compact design that is well suited for event environments. If you’re looking to garner higher engagement from guests, the Mitsubishi Electric’s Selfone Wireless Print Station allows attendees to connect their mobile devices wirelessly to your photo printers, enabling users to print branded photos with themed borders instantly. Not only do guests have fun snapping and printing, but they also leave the event with a branded photo of the special occasion.

Creating a great experience for your event attendees may take some added effort, but the results are worth it. By following these tips, your events will always leave an indelible impression on your guests and clients. To learn more about Mitsubishi’s Selfone Wireless Print Station, click here. For information on other great Mitsubishi Printing products for all your event photography needs, visit our products page.