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How to Call Attention to the Mitsubishi Selfone Wireless Print Station at an Event

Event guests using the Mitsubishi Electric Selfone Wireless Print StationHaving an on-site photo printing station at any event is a great way to engage party-goers and elevate the guest experience. But your instant photo printing station won’t add value to an event if it goes unnoticed. As an event planner or professional photographer, after investing in your Mitsubishi Electric printing station, the last thing you want is for the Selfone Wireless Print Station to go unused. Read on to learn how you can attract guests to your print station and turn your event into an unforgettable experience.

Have Fun Props

Having fun props posted by your print station will instantly draw eyes and grab the attention of guests. Props allow event attendees to get creative and silly, almost doubling as a fun dress-up activity for them as they adorn hats and cardboard mustaches before taking photos on their mobile photos. You can also create branded accessories, such as a cardboard Instagram cut out with your company’s account handle on the front.

Hang an Interesting Backdrop

Adding an interesting backdrop to your photo corner makes the print station stand out amid the rest of the décor at the event. Consider hanging a brightly colored or printed curtain, or creating a textured wall such as those made of faux foliage or moss. Additionally, a sparkly, glittery, or creatively lit backdrop is also eye-catching.

Create a Comment Wall

A comment wall is a creative and interactive way to draw guests to your SWPS. With a comment wall, guests are invited to write well wishes or something else memorable and then encouraged to take pictures in front of the wall. The wall can carry a particular theme that fits the event, such as offering advice to the bride and groom at a wedding, words of wisdom to future parents at a baby shower or messages to your younger self at a birthday party. No matter the type of event, the interactive nature of the comment wall is always a draw.

Have food or beverages stationed at your photo booth

A surefire way to get people over to your print station is to offer complimentary food or beverages at your post. Eight-ounce water bottles or potato chips are an easy option, as are mini candy bars and sweets or sodas. Alternatively, having a cocktail bar at the station is also very powerful at alluring guests.

Have an outgoing employee work the booth

When choosing an employee to man the print station, consider an outgoing and sociable individual. A friendly print station operator can proactively engage event-goers and beckon them to interact with the SWPS.

Position your print station in a high-traffic area

An easy way of drawing guests to your print station is by setting it up in a high-traffic area at the venue. Having the print station next to an entrance or by the bar is a great way to gain foot traffic at no additional cost.

Since photo booths and instant printing stations offer event attendees a tangible memory of the occasion, they tend to sell themselves. All you have to do, as an event organizer or print station operator, is ensure that your Selfone Wireless Print Station is well positioned, visible, and easily accessible. By implementing these tips, your SWPS will always be highly visible and will take every event to the next level.

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