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How To Best Utilize Pinterest For Your Photography Business

woman using pinterestPinterest is a hub for businesses and consumers to browse through photos, looking for inspiration or their next purchase. Photographers can utilize this app to promote their business and gain exposure for their photos. You can also browse through ideas and inspiration for your next shoot and save your finds on your own Pinterest boards. Here’s how to utilize Pinterest for your business.

Create a Business Account

The first step to setting up Pinterest for your business is to create a business account. These accounts are different than what you’d see on a personal Pinterest page because your business is at the forefront. You’ll answer specific questions about your business and give key information so users will have a good understanding of what you do. Make sure to link to your website! If you already have a personal Pinterest page, you can convert to a business account by clicking on the ‘Pinterest for Business’ tab on your home screen.

Organize Your Boards

Before you start browsing, make sure you create multiple boards so your page is visually appealing and organized. Examples of good boards would include wedding photo sessions, photo booth photos, wedding inspiration, photo booth props, event photography, and other things that help tell a story of your business. Paint your audience a picture of who you are every time they visit your Pinterest profile. If you run on coffee, create a coffee board! Or if you are a hopeful traveler, the possibilities are endless. When you’re saving your own photos to your boards, ensure that they are all watermarked, linked to your website, and that you write captions for each.

Increase Your Exposure

Expanding your reach on Pinterest can seem like a daunting task with millions of photos circulating everyday on the app. However, there are ways you can increase your exposure and stand out. The first step is to encourage your audience to pin your work. You can add buttons or widgets to your website or blog so people can pin your photos directly from your site! Another way to increase exposure is to join a variety of group boards, or boards with multiple contributors. This way, you’ll become immersed in a community of fellow photographers who could potentially re-pin your work!

Measure Your Traffic

Just like you’d measure the traffic on your website or other social media channels, it’s important to take a look at your Pinterest analytics. As a business on Pinterest, you get access to detailed analytics regarding your pins and activity on your page. This is really valuable information for any other sort of marketing that you do; you’ll be able to see the boards and pins that perform the best and plan from there!

With all of the positives of having a Pinterest account, there are also some things photographers need to be wary of. The copyright policies on Pinterest tend to turn photographers away because users have the ability to re-pin images, and they may not always be linked to you. It’s important to understand the limitations before using the platform.

In addition to Pinterest, there are other social media channels your business can grow from! See more social media tips for your business here.

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