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How police departments can improve their security measures through data wall technology

video monitoring surveillance security system

Data wall technology can be used in many industries for various applications, but it can be especially useful in law enforcement – sheriff departments, police departments, and highway patrol agencies. These government organizations are turning to video wall technology more and more for crime monitoring and traffic management capabilities, which in turn allows for increased situational awareness. 

Data walls, also known as video walls or display walls, are large digital monitor systems, usually found in command centers. They are best positioned along one main wall for easy viewing. Some display wall systems consist of one large screen, whereas others are comprised of multiple screens placed next to each other to form a single, large display. The screens can be arranged to show independent feeds, or they can work together to show one sizeable comprehensive picture.

Although a common and obvious use for a display video wall in a police department is for displaying feeds from surveillance cameras, that is not their only potential application in these environments. They can also be used to show computer-aided dispatch (CAD) data, and even interactive maps and other software applications. Large-scale data walls are also useful for monitoring major city events, allowing police departments to act as operations centers for each event and coordinate accordingly.

Display walls can even show video footage from police cars or par with Google Maps software that is equipped with gunshot detection technology. In these instances, the map can display a location where a gunshot was detected, allowing officers to immediately view video feeds from the area to determine the level of threat and the best course of action. Another great feature of data wall technology is that it is built for 24/7 viewing, which lets police departments keep watch more effectively at all times.

Mitsubishi Electric offers a host of display video wall solutions for governmental agencies, such as police departments. Each of our various display wall systems has its unique advantages and individual use cases that should be considered when choosing the right system. Additionally, each government agency should tailor their video wall systems to their specific needs. For assistance in choosing the right wall for your organization, contact a Mitsubishi video wall specialist today.