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How Different Industries Use Display Walls


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From smartphones to digital billboards, displays have become a crucial part of how we absorb information on a daily basis. Now, it’s just a matter of how large of display you need to make sure all of the information you need is displayed effectively. From demanding control rooms to advertisements in the mall, Mitsubishi Electric services a variety of industries with different needs. Here are three industries who’ve used display walls to meet their needs.


Ever wondered how casinos keep up with everything happening on the casino floor? Display walls set up in their surveillance room with a security team watching closely is how casinos catch cheating and theft. After Hurricane Katrina, Boomtown Casino in Biloxi, MS placed Mitsubishi Electric display walls to rebuild their surveillance system. They installed 45, 10” monitors with three Mitsubishi Electric display walls, and opened its doors confident that their team had everything they needed to run a casino smoothly.


While there are a lot of moving parts to broadcast television, the newsroom’s control room is the most important area for running a good show. The production team is constantly providing instruction for camera angles and cueing up commercials when necessary, so multiple displays are necessary. Learn how News 14, a 24-hour local channel servicing the metropolitan areas of North Carolina, uses Mitsubishi Electric display monitors for smooth coverage of their news here.


Although we rely pretty heavily on our phones for updates on flights, display walls are still used in airports to provide travelers with pertinent information to get from point A to point B. Similarly, hotels, retailers, and restaurants find using display walls easier and more cost-effective than the more traditional route like paper. The display isn’t limited to stagnant images, so upcoming events, breaking news, store openings and new menus can be interchanged with ease.
To find out more about how Mitsubishi Electric display walls can transform your newsroom or increase your brand’s awareness, click HERE or contact one of our consultants to help you find the correct display solution for your project.