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Get Your Best Shot! The Dos and Don’ts of Event Photography

photographer uploading photos into computerEvent photography appeals to many photographers due to the ample opportunities available and the freedom provided to be selective. To be successful as an event photographer, avoid these common mistakes.

Do: Adjust Your Camera Focus 

It’s imperative to have a comprehensive understanding of the equipment you are using. Depending on the event you’re covering, the lighting and set-up will vary, so it’s important to adjust your focus throughout the event. Get comfortable with your camera beforehand and create a checklist of the shots you want to get. Don’t let blurry, out of focus images prevent you from telling a captivating story at your next event!

Don’t: Shy Away From Good Positioning

One of the basic rules of photography is to mix it up with your angles; don’t be afraid to move around at the event to get the best shots! As a photographer, it’s expected for you to roam around the venue and take photos. Some photographers make the mistake of sticking to one or two locations in the venue and not providing any variation.

Do: Back Everything Up

Hard drive failures and computer crashes are sometimes inevitable; always prepare for the worst-case scenario! Make sure all of your photos are backed up on multiple devices right away. Consider purchasing an external hard drive with ample storage space to use for backing up your work.

Don’t: Rush Through Your Edits and Prints

When you finish an event, you are probably excited to get the shots to your client right away. Take your time and be diligent with your edits to make sure you’re delivering the best product you can. It’s obvious when a photographer rushes through the editing and poor attention to detail during this step can take away from beautiful photos!

When it comes time to printing, make sure you are using the highest quality printer available. The Mitsubishi Electric CP-W5000DW Dye-Sub Duplex Printer is dual-sided and can print multiple sizes at high speeds. This printer is perfect for printing custom photo books, greeting cards, calendars and more.

If you’re looking to invest in a dye-sub photo printer that will advance your photography business, Mitsubishi Electric offers professional quality printers for every budget and printing application.

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