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Get The Whole Picture With Panoramic Photography

There has been a fascination with panoramic photography since the introduction of photography in the 1800s when the pioneers were anxious to capture an entire city’s skyline or a beautiful landscape. And centuries later, panoramic photography is still thriving with the option of Smartphone users being able to take them straight from their device.

While it’s popular for architectural and landscape images, the wide-angled photos are ideal for capturing big milestones and events like weddings.  Check out why panoramic photography is beneficial to photographers and their subjects.

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Often when a frame is crowded, the natural reaction would be to zoom out, but that might not always be the best option due to what may also be in the frame that you don’t want. You might also think to zoom in to help focus in on a subject or particular feature, but that might mean cropping someone or something out of the shot that is important. Spencer Cox of Photographylife explains it best.

“Along with the extra room for composition, the panoramic format makes it easy to balance the items in your frame. A panorama is inherently so wide that it is very difficult to tip off-balance, which certainly is not the case with traditional rectangles.”

Break Into Multiple Images

Depending on the type of photography you shoot, it might be ideal for you to not only create one beautiful image but, also break it up into multiple images. This is particularly beneficial to photography business owners as it allows you to sell your customers’ multiple image sizes. A wedding, for example, often has large group photographs and requires a little coordinating to ensure that everyone in the wedding party is captured. With panoramic photography, everyone is in the photo, and you can break that one photo down into multiple images: bridal party, groom’s party and the newlyweds.

Large Prints

Many photographers admire that panoramic photography can provide larger, more detailed prints with its cropping abilities, but that also means large prints. If you have a photography business, it will be cost-efficient and convenient for you to invest in your own printer than to go to a print shop and wait for photos to print. The CP-D90DW printer is compact, but mighty in its capabilities and features. At 155 square-inches, this printer has a built-in image processor, auto image-optimizers, an improved thermal head cooling design and a wireless printing option.

With a simple Firmware and Panoramic Drivers download, the CP-D90DW can print your panoramic photos in 6” x 14” and 6” x 20.” And the rewind feature of the printer allows you to print multiple print sizes from just one roll of media, saving you money and increasing your work efficiency.

Take your photography business to that next level, and stand out with faster printing, various printing size options, outstanding print quality and more.

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Photo Credit: A Beautiful Day Photography