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Creative ways to construct a photo booth for your event

Fun props for a photo boothPhoto booths are always a hit at parties. They turn fleeting moments into forever memories, and guests love leaving an event with a fun souvenir that captured their special occasion. The most popular photo booths boast the most creative and fun setups. If you’re looking to turn your photo booth station into the life of the party, read on to learn four simple steps for constructing a creative photo booth.

Step 1: Choose a fun theme

When constructing a photo booth, following a fun theme can make the set up easy. If the event is a themed event, like a Great Gatsby soirée or a retro 70s birthday party, then a theme has already been chosen, and you can skip this step. But if the party is not themed, consider selecting a theme for your booth that ties in nicely with the event type. Besides past eras, some other fun ideas include the circus, a Mexican fiesta, Disney classic movies, under the sea, bohemian chic, island luau, the Wild Wild West, and more. The options are really endless.

Step 2: Choose an impressive backdrop

The main element and primary draw of the photo booth is the backdrop, so choose wisely! Colored and textured backdrops are easy picks that can transform the photo station, but selecting an interactive backdrop, like a chalkboard wall or similar, is also a great option. Some other backdrop styles to consider include flower or plant walls, red curtains, sparkles, personalized message backdrops (such as a repeated print of the bride and groom’s names), a red carpet style backdrop or even a green screen.

Step 3: Add unique lighting

Every photo lover knows that the lighting makes or breaks the photo. In the same fashion, it can also make or break your photo booth! Of course, your photo booth station needs to be well lit, but also consider playing around with unique lighting to change the mood or add a funky element. Some examples include using a neon light sign with a fun or custom message attached to the backdrop or photo wall, positioned above where guests pose for their shots. Alternatively, using hanging LED twinkle string lights creates a whimsical or magical atmosphere. For a more straightforward approach, consider using colored lighting, such as red, purple, or blue, to create a moody ambiance.

Step 4: Provide playful props

What is a photo booth station without props? Props are the icing on the cake to every photo booth station, and they truly add a playful element to photo booth photography. Outside of the typical faux mustaches and silly hats, perhaps provide your guests with an empty Victorian picture fame to pose behind, or attach emoji faces on sticks for your guests to hold while they model for the camera. Even a small chalkboard or letter board can be a great hit, as guests can customize the message on the board for each photo they take.

Turning your photo booth into a major attraction at your event doesn’t have to be complicated. By implementing these four steps, your photo booth will become the most requested party attraction in town in no time! For other useful tips on promoting and growing your photography business, visit our blog. Or, to see the latest photo booth printing products on offer, visit our products page.