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Exceptional Quality Analog Color Video Printer for Industrial and Scientific Instruments

High performance color video printer that delivers quality and convenience

CP-31W - Exceptional Quality Analog Color Video Printer - Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi’s CP-31W industrial and scientific color video printer featuring a high-performance DSP engine, dye sublimation thermal transfer technology and a 423 dpi thermal head delivers premium print quality images with vivid, smear-free gradation at fast print speeds of 16 seconds for S size and 25 seconds for L size output.

The CP-31W includes a selection of gamma curves which simplifies gamma curve fine-tuning and color adjustment. Designed for use with ultrasound systems, endoscopes and other sophisticated scientific instruments, the CP-31W produces 2 or 4 frames multi-prints and includes convenience features including an all-front access design with automatic loading for ribbon cartridge replacement, an internal wide-mouth paper catcher, and a built-in monitor to track print status.

Dependable, High Resolution Images

  • 423 dpi high resolution
  • Adaptive thermal head management

High Speed Output

  • Fast! S size output in 16 seconds, L size output in 25 seconds

Easy Ribbon Cartridge Replacement

  • Automatic Ribbon Cartridge Loading

Easy View Front Design

  • Front panel LED display shows operation functions

Easy to Change

  • Fast and easy paper cassette replacement

Compact Design

  • Compact printer size for easy integration into any environment

Easy Print Retrieval

  • Wide-mouth paper catcher makes print retrieval easy

Built-in Cooling System and Dust Protection

  • Provides efficient cooling of the thermal head and power supply unit
  • Effective heat and dust resistant chassis

Multi-Print Function Expands Applications

  • Choose multi-prints split into 2 or 4 frames
Print Method:
  • Dye sublimation thermal transfer
  • 423 DPI
Print Speed:
  • S-size approx. 16 sec (3P)
  • L-size 25 sec
  • L-size approx. 20 sec (3P)
  • L-size 31 sec
  • 256 gradation each for YMC; 16.7 million hue full color
Paper Sizes:
  • 3.94 x 3.70'' (100 x 94 mm)
  • 3.94 x 5.83'' (100 x 148 mm)
  • S-Size 80 Sheets
  • L-Size 50 Sheets
Buffer Memory:
  • 8 (Frames)
  • 8.35 x 4.92 x 16.73'' (212 x 125 x 425 mm)
  • Approx. 17 lbs. (7.5 kg)
Power Supply:
  • AC 120V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption:
  • 0.2 Amps (Standby)
  • 0.5 Amps (Printing)
  • 0.9 Amps (Printing)
  • EN60950-1
  • EN60601-1
  • EN60601-1-2
  • TUV-GS
  • TUV-GM
  • C22.2
  • No. 60950-1
  • No. 60601.1

Accessories (Optional)


  • Paper Cassette Assy


  • Cleaning Kit



  • 3-Color + Laminate (Large)


  • 3-Color + Laminate (Small)


  • 3-Color (Large)


  • 3-Color (Small)
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ICC Profiles

No ICC Profiles

  1. Download: Windows 7 ICC Profile Guide
  2. These profiles are best with Color conversion set to “none” and “Color Matching” is checked under Printing preferences/Options tab of the printer driver.  Refer to Printer driver guide for additional information.
  3. For CP3800DW, color profile is included in the CD with your printer. The profile is enabled in CP3800DW Printing preferences/Option tab and select ICM under Color Adjustment. Refer to CP3800DW Printer Driver Instruction document. Contact technical support for CD replacement. Windows drivers for CP3800DW include a LEAD TOOL software licensed by LEAD Technologies, Inc. located in USA and the LEAD TOOL software is classified as EAR99 under the US Export Control Laws and regulations.