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The Importance of Quality Video Walls in Traffic Management Centers

When it comes to traffic and transportation management, quality video wall systems matter. As the hub and central control unit of most freeway management systems, transportation management centers require hardware that can display copious amounts of information from video camera feeds, transportation maps, traffic apps, and more. Consequently, having a top-performing video wall system is critical […]

The Importance of TAA Compliance in Military Control Room Environments

  When working with the U.S. government to outfit a control room or command center for one of their agencies, all products, and services used must be TAA compliant. However, what does it mean to be TAA compliant, and why is it so important in a military control room environment? In this post, we answer […]

How police departments can improve their security measures through data wall technology

Data wall technology can be used in many industries for various applications, but it can be especially useful in law enforcement – sheriff departments, police departments, and highway patrol agencies. These government organizations are turning to video wall technology more and more for crime monitoring and traffic management capabilities, which in turn allows for increased […]

Important Factors To Consider in Military Control Room Environments

Command centers, also known as control rooms, are essential to the success of many military and federal organizations. As the centralized unit within an organization, the control room acts as the brain of the organization, sending and receiving sensitive information and delegating critical tasks as necessary.  Given the sheer volume of delicate, high-priority information handled […]

Mitsubishi Electric Visual and Imaging Systems announces its return to InfoComm 2019

  Mitsubishi Electric US Visual and Imaging Systems, a leader in commercial audiovisual display wall solutions, is pleased to announce its return to InfoComm, North America’s premier trade show event for the professional audiovisual industry. InfoComm will be held June 8 – 14 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Event guests are […]

How Different Industries Use Display Walls

  From smartphones to digital billboards, displays have become a crucial part of how we absorb information on a daily basis. Now, it’s just a matter of how large of display you need to make sure all of the information you need is displayed effectively. From demanding control rooms to advertisements in the mall, Mitsubishi […]

The Difference Between Thin-bezel LCD & Rear-projection DLP

Are you looking for an effective way to display information to your team members? Our display wall systems are the solution. It will allow every member of your team to monitor critical information from various sources and assets (data, graphics, environment, etc.) and respond to operational emergency situations simultaneously. When you’re deciding the display system […]

Display Walls: Air vs. Liquid Based Cooling Systems

The cooling system is one of the most crucial parts of any display wall. Avoiding high temperatures is important for maintaining the electronic components, and the last thing you want is for your display wall to start malfunctioning due to deterioration of key components. Studies have suggested that for every 10 degrees the temperature rises […]

Control Room Display Wall: How To Select The Appropriate Brightness

Control room display walls must be crisp, clear and readable. Just as important, they must also be comfortable for operators to view 24/7. For that reason, the optimal brightness of a control room display wall is key. Here are two things to remember when you’re selecting your brightness. Pupil Dilation and Operator Comfort   Display […]

How To Choose A Display Wall System For Your Control Room

  The goal in designing a control room is to create a work environment that promotes high levels of vigilance and situational awareness. A large display wall, when used in conjunction with local desktop monitors, provides an environment where multiple operators can collaborate effectively with common information to jointly make informed decisions. When you’re deciding […]

Mitsubishi Electric’s Unique Anti-Burn-In Feature

A display wall is more than just an organization’s showpiece. The primary purpose of a display wall in a control room is to provide operators with true Situational Awareness and a Common Operating Picture where information from real-time sources – such as computers, video, or security cameras – can be simultaneously shared. This is to […]

3 Benefits of Mitsubishi Electric LED Display Walls

Whether you manage a utility network, public transportation, or an emergency response team, it is vital to quickly and reliably share information with your team. This is why we are dedicated to finding the ideal collaboration and situational awareness display to help visualize and manage your operations. Here are 3 benefits of our video display […]

Selecting the Right HD Resolution Screen Size for Your Control Room

The primary purpose of a display wall in any control room is to provide situational awareness and a useful common operating picture for multiple operators to simultaneously view relevant information and collaborate in critical decision‐making processes. Display systems in control rooms should be treated differently than display systems used in boardrooms, auditoriums, signage and short‐term […]

How to Select the Right Display Wall for Your Control Room

In a control room, a Display Wall is more than just a large, fancy display – it is a critical piece of equipment that affects the efficiency and productivity of the agency. In a control room, the primary purpose of the display wall is to provide operators with true situational awareness and a common operating […]

How Display Walls Increase Efficiency And Reliability in Your Control Room

  Mitsubishi Electric is the worldwide leader in mission-critical and extended use video walls for large-scale visualization solutions. Whether you manage a utility network, public transportation, or an emergency response team, it is vital to quickly and reliably share information with your team. This is why we are dedicated to finding the ideal collaboration and […]

Performance, Quality, Value: LED Display Video Walls That Transform Control Rooms

  Quality should never be sacrificed. Instead, it should go hand-in-hand with efficiency and durability. Whether you manage a utility network, public transportation, or an emergency response team, it is vital to quickly and reliably share information with your team visually. This is why Mitsubishi Electric is dedicated to creating video display walls that offer […]

Planning Your Control Room: Why the Display Wall Should Be Your First Thought

Whether you’re designing a traffic control room or a police command center, an effective space takes time and well thought out planning. Before you begin the construction process, it’s imperative to have a plan. Operation centers are often the nerve center of an organization and must have the proper equipment to ensure effective communication and […]