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How To Shoot Stress-Free Wedding Photos

For a couple and their families, a wedding can be very stressful time. There is plenty to plan, a lot to coordinate, and lasting memories to be captured. Being a wedding photographer means you have the responsibility of documenting the couple’s wedding through your art. There are many ways you can make the process free […]

Here’s How To Get More Wedding Bookings

Keeping your calendar full with bookings is important in the photography business. Today, competition among wedding photographers is stronger than ever and it is crucial to set yourself apart from the rest. By focusing on the unique characteristics and offerings of your business, you will be able to grow and fill up your calendar. Here […]

How To Improve Your Eye For Photography

Successful photographers have one special quality that sets them apart from the rest – an eye that constantly seeks out detail. It’s the special, individual characteristics in a photograph that make it memorable. The best photos display color, texture or other individual elements in a way that captures attention. The following tips will help improve […]

Photo Printing Isn’t Dead – Here’s Why:

In today’s increasingly digital world, photo printing is still standing strong. According to the market research firm IBISWorld, customers in the United States are expected to spend $2 billion for online photo printing services this year. Photo printing continues to be a major business, here’s why: Photography is an Art Form The photography world is […]

3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Photography Business

You’ve gotten your photography business off the ground and running. You’ve had success stories and have compiled a list of people in the industry with whom you’ve made connections. Between booking clients and planning your schedule, it is important to take the time to figure out how to further advance your business. In order to […]

3 Reasons Why It Is Great To Print Your Own Photos

Printing your own photos puts you in control. Many photographers switch to printing their own photos later in their careers, only to wish they had started earlier. After all, there are many good reasons to be able to print your own photographs: Avoid Disappointment Many photographers who place their order with a printer end up […]

Learn Photography Faster and Better by Strategizing

One of the greatest things about photography is its constant evolution. If you are a beginner, you are always learning and if you are an experienced photographer you are still learning. Photography currently presents us with the opportunity to shoot with high-tech cameras that are loaded with features. The world around us presents countless things […]

3 Steps To Building Your Photography Portfolio

A photographic portfolio is the perfect way to showcase your work. A portfolio can highlight your strengths as a photographer and show prospective clients what you are capable of. When creating a portfolio, there are many aspects to consider – from which items to showcase to the composition details of the book itself. Follow these […]

An Inside Look At The New Mitsubishi CP-D90DW

Misubishi’s CP-D90DW is the best printer we’ve designed for photo booths and event photographers. Why? The CP-D90DW printer has it all – from system flexibility and an enhanced rewind function, to incredible print quality. If you’re looking for a cost-efficient printing station, this digital color printer is the one for you. Here is a more […]

How To Capture Great Engagement Photos

Every newly engaged couple wants to capture their love and excitement in photographs they will cherish forever. To ensure that your clients will adore their engagement photos, use the following guide to help the couple make good choices for the shoot. 1. Choose a place they have a connection with. This may seem obvious, but […]

How To Shoot Better Photos At Events

Whether you are hired to take photos at a big event such as a wedding or you’re at a small corporate event with only 20 people, your job is to capture great photos. It is important to know what to expect and be familiar with the space you’ll be photographing in. Here are four tips […]

Why Photo Booths Are Worth the Extra Money for Your Client

For everything from weddings, to corporate events to family reunions – photo booths offer fun, lasting memories in the form of printed pictures. Adding photo booth services to your business can lead to new business from an event and a growing client list. It’s important to know how to show your clients the value that […]

Tips for Creating Faceless Portraits

It is possible to capture incredible portraits without including a face. Faceless portraits focus on other parts of your subject – such as their hands or toes. These faceless portraits tell a much different story than a face would, and they can be extremely captivating and effective. Use the Environment The environment and the way […]

Four Tips For Photographing Kids

No matter how experienced you are, photographing kids can be a challenge. A photo shoot may not be their idea of a good time, and it can be difficult to keep them engaged. Follow these tips to ensure the smoothest possible experience. (And, the best outcome!) Be Authentic Regardless of what age group you are […]

3 Reasons You Should Keep Your Best Photos in an Album

Do you have hundreds of pictures hiding in boxes in the closet? Photo albums are the perfect way to store, organize and show off your snapshots. They are less bulky than boxes and can be used strategically to put your photos in order. Here are 3 reasons to create a photo album with all your […]

Why Photographers Need To Be On Instagram

If you’re looking for a great way to showcase your photos online, Instagram is the place to be. Instagram is the perfect platform to target potential customers, get recognition and connect with other photographers. If you’re not yet sold on why you should be using Instagram, keep reading. Instagram exists to showcase photography Instagram is […]

How To Piece Together Your Best Gallery Wall

If you’re looking for the best way to show off your photos, a gallery wall is the way to go. It takes planning and organization, as well as creativity, to piece together the perfect gallery wall. But when you get it right, your very best photos will be displayed in a way that highlights them […]

Tips for Capturing the Perfect Wedding Photos

On her big day, you want to capture all of the magical moments for your client. Your bride is counting on you to document the entire wedding experience so she can look back on the photos to relive the happiest day of her life. These important tips will satisfy your customer and help you create […]

Makeup Advice to Give Your Brides Before their Engagement & Wedding Photos

During the engagement shoot, and especially on the wedding day, the Bride’s makeup needs to be perfect. These photos will be around for a lifetime, and she wants to look her best! Her day-to-day look might be flawless, but under the lights and flashes, the camera sees something different. Here are a few tricks you […]

Setting SMART Goals for Your Photography Business

Most successful companies have clearly identified goals that are written to specific objectives. However, many small businesses lack focused goals. It doesn’t matter if you are a solopreneur or a Fortune 500 company, your success depends on your ability to set and, more importantly, achieve measurable goals. Let’s take a closer look at the elements […]

Why Online Reviews are Important for Your Photography Business

These days, when consumers are looking for a service, they do research online. In fact, about 70% of the research consumers do about a product or a service happens before they ever talk to someone from the company. That means that by the time someone calls you to talk about your services, chances are, they’ve […]

What to Look for in a Family Photo Location

Family photos are a time-honored tradition that everyone can relate to. To ensure that your clients smile instead of frown when they look back at these memories, follow this guide to choose a location that sets the right tone. Sentimental Choose a location they love. A family home is a popular choice for pictures because […]

The Four “P”s: Habits of Successful Photographers Worthy of Emulating

One day of fantastic photos is not enough to deem yourself a successful photographer. It’s time to get into the positive habits of your heroes by practicing the four P’s.  Practice Even the greatest photographers had left the lens cap on the camera a time or two. Don’t focus on your flubs; use every opportunity […]

5 Secrets to Capturing Memorable Photos

In your lifetime, you’ll take thousands of photos, but only a handful may stand out. Here are five ways to increase that statistic and keep your clients happy. Get to Know Your Subject Photographing people is something you do on a routine basis but your subject might not be as comfortable with the experience. Whenever […]

Which Finish is the Best for On-Site Printed Photos

It’s a decision that will literally seal the fate of your photo: satin or glossy finish. Both choices will affect your masterpiece’s overall look, feel, and durability so you better know the difference before you hit print. Here is a breakdown of each finish and when you should consider using it. Satin Finish Let your […]

Photo Albums vs Photo Books: The Best Way to Cherish Pictures

If you plan on cherishing photos with your grandkids well into your golden years, how are you going to do it? When it comes to assembling dozens of memories into printed pictures, you have two options: photo albums or photo books. We’ve directly compared both choices focusing on important qualities like preservation, organization, and price […]

What to Look For in an Event Photography Printer

There’s a reason you don’t see many people riding in horse-drawn buggies anymore; technology has revolutionized the transportation industry and the same can be said for printing photographs. With countless companies promising to give you everything under the sun, it can be difficult to find the right printer for your event photography business needs. Keep […]

How to Be Taken Seriously as a Photographer

In a world where virtually everyone with a camera phone can claim to be a photographer, it can be hard for you to build up the credibility you need to be successful. However, distinguishing your talents from the amateur crowd isn’t as difficult as you might think. Remember the three D’s and you’ll quickly build […]

The Many Jobs of a Wedding Photographer

If you thought wedding photographers just snapped pictures on the big day, you’re sorely mistaken. These artists have to channel their inner event planner, athlete, and more to make the bride and groom look good from first kiss to last dance. Here are just a few of the many hats photographers wear on any given […]

Photo Booths at Your Next Event: Pro vs. DIY

Photo booths are currently the must-have attraction at everything from corporate events to cozy weddings. For most party planners, the question isn’t whether to have a photo booth; it’s a matter of hiring a professional or doing it themselves. Compare both sides from setup to teardown to find the best option for you. DIY Design […]

Easy Ways to Improve Your Photography Technique

You could take countless pictures all day, but if no one buys them, you have to ask whether you have a viable photography business. Improving your technique can be one of the easiest ways to make more money as a professional photographer and keep clients coming back. Refine your craft and become a successful artist […]

Four Signs You Need New Photography Equipment

If duct tape and pulling your hair out from frustration are a part of your standard operating procedures while working with your current camera equipment, it’s time for a change. The right gear not only makes you look more professional, it can make your job easier. Keep a lookout for these four signs it’s time […]

How to Keep Photography Clients Coming Back

For years, you’ve probably gone to the same dentist, hair stylist, and mechanic because they know your history and you trust their work. The same loyalty can be nurtured by photographer who works with the same clients year after year. Birthdays, anniversaries, and many corporate events occur yearly. Corporate events may even have higher frequency. […]

How to Prevent Cell Phone Snapshots at Your Next Event

It’s one of the first things you make sure you have before you leave the house: a cell phone. While these compact devices may be incredibly convenient, they can quickly become a hindrance for professional photographers at work. Here’s how to help prevent cell phone nuisance at your next photography event. Explain the Situation During […]

Why You Should Specialize in One Form of Photography

With new photographers joining the professional circuit every day, you need to separate yourself from the vast competition. One of the easiest ways to differentiate your photography business is to distinguish your client base. Whether it’s photographing newborns, kids in school or sports, getting friendly with the pets, or capturing the first kiss at a […]

How to Turn Your Photography Passion Into a Profession

Your daydreams of career changes could be closer than you think. If you have these three E’s, you’re ready to turn your photography talents into a full-time profession. Enthusiasm If you already take your professional-caliber camera everywhere you go, it’s time to start getting paid for it! A passion for photography is the foundation of […]

How to Charge What You’re Worth

It can be difficult to quantify what your creativity and skills cost to a photography client. Some professional photographers are charging thousands of dollars for short sessions, while others are offering a two-for-one special on the exact same thing. Follow these simple steps and start charging what you’re truly worth. Dress the Part Pair your […]

The Photography Events You Don’t Want to Miss

Grab your calendar, a pen, and don’t miss out on the top photography gatherings of the year. From conventions to conferences, this is a list of the events where you can network, learn, and improve your photography business. Find the conference that is closest to you and best fits your needs. Imaging USA Pack your […]

Essential Accessories For Photo Booth Businesses

Photo booths are currently the hot item to have at many events, family or corporate! Make sure your photo booth business is maximizing its potential by always remembering to bring these essential accessories to every event you work in. Playful Props Having great props is not necessarily a unique photo booth business idea, but it is a crucial component of running a successful business. Make it a […]

The Best Equipment For Different Photography Needs

Whether you’re shooting a high fashion runway show or creating photo booth fun at a wedding or a corporate event, having the right equipment makes all the difference. Carrying the right camera should be a no brainer; the real art is knowing what other gadgets you’ll need. Use this guide to find the best tools […]

New Year’s Resolutions for Photographers

While other people are conjuring unattainable resolutions this year, you can follow this feasible guide and boost your photography business. These four changes may be small, but the payoffs will be plentiful! Get Organized Don’t wait for the spring to clean up your photography files. Organize your digital photos in a consistent format that will […]

Three Reasons You Should Offer Custom Calendars to Clients

Calendars are great for organizing your schedule, remembering birthdays, and improving your photography business. If you’re looking for new ways to market your company, keep clients, and lower your operating cost, it’s time to offer custom calendars. Here are three ways these simple products can boost your business. Makes You More Marketable No matter your […]

Why Photo Books Make Great Gifts

This holiday season, don’t get your loved one a gift card; create a custom photo book they can cherish forever. Whether it’s a montage of a single milestone or a compilation of accomplishments over the years, here’s why photo books make great gifts for everyone in your life. Personalized Create a unique gift that shows […]

Easy Ways to Add Detail to Your Photographs

In life, it’s the little things that count, and the same sentiment should be considered when creating the perfect picture. Keep these three tips in mind, and you’ll improve the tiny details in your portrait photography, event photography, and everything in between. Study Your Surroundings Arrive at your location an hour early or scout your […]

What Your Prints Say About Your Photography Business

First impressions are important, but when it comes to photography, your reputation could be sealed in a single print. Take pride in your talents and make sure your shots are picture perfect from start to finish. Here are three reasons your prints are just as important as the photos you capture. Guaranteed Quality Even an […]