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3 Must-Have Party Rentals

Planning an event everyone can enjoy? We understand how stressful that can be. Even after figuring out the venue, food and drinks, there is still so much more to do! You don’t want people to be standing alone in silence, especially if they don’t all know each other. So, here are three items you need […]

The Technology You Need at Your Next Great Event

It’s getting harder and harder to wow guests at events, and with the growing number of event companies on the market, it’s getting even harder to stand out from the competition. That’s why, as an event planner, you’re probably always on the hunt for the next big trend in event planning so that you can […]

How To Use Instant Photo Printing and Branded Photos to Promote Your Event Online

Are you an event organizer hoping to transform your events into experiences for guests while also spreading your brand as well? In today’s world, being able to bridge digital and in-real-life experiences may be tricky to master, but the payoff can have immense benefits for your event planning business. By implementing a photo booth station […]

How To Create a Great Experience For Your Event Guests

Creating a memorable experience for your event guests should always be an event planner’s number one goal. But with 140,000 people in the US working as meeting, convention and event planners, how do you make your events unforgettable and stand out from the rest? Here we offer tips on transforming your events into great, lasting […]

Creative ways to construct a photo booth for your event

Photo booths are always a hit at parties. They turn fleeting moments into forever memories, and guests love leaving an event with a fun souvenir that captured their special occasion. The most popular photo booths boast the most creative and fun setups. If you’re looking to turn your photo booth station into the life of […]

How to Call Attention to the Mitsubishi Selfone Wireless Print Station at an Event

Having an on-site photo printing station at any event is a great way to engage party-goers and elevate the guest experience. But your instant photo printing station won’t add value to an event if it goes unnoticed. As an event planner or professional photographer, after investing in your Mitsubishi Electric printing station, the last thing […]

How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Event with Branded Photos

Social media is a powerful connector and one of the best tools for discovery in our increasingly digital world. Because of this, using social media to promote your event – and by extension, your event planning business – is not only wise, but it’s expected. At Mitsubishi Electric Photo Imaging, we offer high-performance printing products […]

Print Tangible Memories Around Your Favorite Holidays

Holidays can be fun, regardless of how old or new, especially when you know you can look back on them and reminisce. These are memories like an annual trip to the theme park with friends, going to the local restaurant every day on the 1st day of the year, or family photos with Santa at […]

3 Tips for Creating your Photography Business Brand

Congratulations!  You’ve taken the leap from amateur or hobby photographer to professional!  As you are aware, it is going to take a little more than just pointing your camera and shooting for you to build your clientele and portfolio. Here are three tips for creating your photography business brand that will help you to stand […]

Event Marketing: How To Create An Experience For Your Customers

The moment your guests walk through the doors, you want them to feel an energy that draws them in. This is what can be the determining factor between people leaving early or staying late. To ensure that you create a good atmosphere, try these three tactics: Use Social Media One of the best ways to […]

New Year, New Business Tactics

Sometimes you have to hit the refresh button – in life and in business. Taking a step back and assessing your strategy with a new perspective can really help you find your path in 2018. If you’re in need of some new ideas, test out these three marketing tactics to take your photography business to […]

How To Make Your Holiday Party Top Of Mind

Holiday parties are always on people’s calendars this time of year. From family get-togethers to business events, they look forward to creating memories with co-workers, friends, and loved ones. To ensure that your company’s holiday party is on people’s to-do list, implement these three techniques to create a unique and engaging experience for them:   […]

Performance, Quality, Value: Printers That Can Go The Distance

We strongly believe that your photography skills and talent deserve only the best when it comes to photo prints. This is why we’re dedicated to creating a seamless and effective printing process for all types of photographers. Whether you’re shooting an event or hosting a photo booth, we want you to be able to give […]

New Season, New Marketing Tactics: How To Attract A Crowd At Fall Festivals

With the first day of Fall right around the corner, festivals are sure to follow. Whether you’ve already signed up as a vendor or are in the process of it, you’ll want to make a plan for attracting a crowd. Get ahead of the curve and utilize these unique tactics:   Host A Wireless Charging […]

How To Score a Touchdown While Marketing At a Sporting Event

Whether it’s tailgating or celebrating after a big win, sports can bring thousands of people together in a grand way. If you’re a sponsor or vendor at these events, you’ll want to create every opportunity possible to get your company in on the action. Keep these marketing techniques in mind during your next business venture. […]

How To Enhance Your Restaurant’s Ambiance To Attract A Crowd

Change can be a good thing. Even the smallest enhancements in your restaurant can make a big difference. Here are 4 ways to bolster your restaurant’s ambiance:   Revamp Your Front Entrance The front of your restaurant is the face of your business. It’s what creates the first impression with your customers. When you’re designing […]

The 4 Hottest Trends in Nightclub Advertising

As a nightclub owner or promoter, you’re always looking for ways to ensure lines out the door! Staying up to date with current trends is important to ensure a packed house every weekend. Successful marketing is about finding a way to reach out to your audience and let them spread the word for you. Too […]

Out with the Old, In with the New: Trade Promo Flyers for Selfies!

Whether you’re in the entertainment industry or own a restaurant, at some point you’ve probably handed out flyers to promote your business. Now, with the rise of selfies marketing is taking a turn. When guests walk out with your flyers and coupons, make sure your promotional content is a keepsake using the photos guests are […]

Beyond Food Photos: Restaurants Are Now Serving Up Selfies

The latest marketing trend for restaurants has nothing to do with the food! Savvy restaurant owners are giving their patrons something they can take home and remember the night. If your customers are actively taking photos of the food, and themselves, while dining with you – capitalize on those snaps by letting them leave with […]

Introducing The SelFone Wireless Print Station™

How often do you see guests at your event or establishment snapping selfies? With the SelFone Wireless Print Station™, guests are able to print those photos instantly and you can seize the marketing opportunity! The SelFone Wireless Print Station™ is the perfect medium to get your customized collateral onto your guests’ refrigerators and leave them […]

Get Your Best Shot! The Dos and Don’ts of Event Photography

Event photography appeals to many photographers due to the ample opportunities available and the freedom provided to be selective. To be successful as an event photographer, avoid these common mistakes. Do: Adjust Your Camera Focus  It’s imperative to have a comprehensive understanding of the equipment you are using. Depending on the event you’re covering, the […]

3 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Wedding Photo Shoot

Whether it’s having guests huddled up inside a cozy barn in the winter or lining the beach for a tropical summer wedding, outdoor weddings are becoming more popular and traditional. Setting the right location can help better represent the couple and give the wedding a unique and personal touch. As the photographer, it’s important to […]

How To Best Utilize Pinterest For Your Photography Business

Pinterest is a hub for businesses and consumers to browse through photos, looking for inspiration or their next purchase. Photographers can utilize this app to promote their business and gain exposure for their photos. You can also browse through ideas and inspiration for your next shoot and save your finds on your own Pinterest boards. […]

How To Use Contests To Promote Your Photography Business

It’s no secret that human nature is competitive. From photographers competing for clients to audiences competing for discounts and giveaways, almost everything can be made into a friendly competition! As the photography business is constantly changing, photographers are using contests to stand out from the competition and reach new audiences. By offering contests periodically to […]

3 Tips for Executing a Stress-Free Engagement Shoot

Engagement photo shoots are a great addition to a wedding photographer’s portfolio. Not only do these photo shoots help build a relationship between the photographer and the couple before the wedding, but the photos can be used throughout the wedding planning, as well. With wedding photography becoming a lucrative industry, the competition is steep and […]

Why You Should Partner Up With the Wedding Planner When Shooting Weddings

The relationship between the wedding planner and wedding photographer should be harmonious in order to ensure a successful day for the bride and groom. While the planner is managing the flow of the day, the photographer is capturing all the special moments throughout the event. Working with the wedding planner will allow you as a […]

Capturing Most Important Details At Your Next Wedding Shoot

On their wedding day, all of the moving parts that go into making the day so special can become a blur for the bride and groom. As a wedding photographer, it’s important to capture every last detail of the big day to ensure the bride and groom have all of the special moments to look […]

Tips For Shooting A Destination Wedding

As a wedding photographer, one of the many perks of the job is getting to travel for a shoot! From tropical beaches to isolated forests, destination weddings can be a great asset to a photographer’s portfolio. If you’re looking to venture out of your comfort zone and take on a destination wedding, there are a […]

How To Tell A Captivating Story At Your Next Event

From the extravagant milestone birthday party to the annual company luncheon, as an event photographer it’s important to tell a captivating story for each event you cover. This might be a difficult task if your event is seemingly simple, but it’s your duty as the photographer to find unique and interesting moments. So, how do […]

3 Ways To Win Over The Wedding Party as a Wedding Photographer

Building trust with the bride and groom is only the first step toward successfully shooting a wedding. It’s just as important to get the wedding party on your side because they have a big impact on how the photos will turn out. As a photographer, it’s imperative that you build a connection with the bridesmaids, […]

How to Launch Your Photo Booth Business in 3 Easy Steps

Photo booths add a great deal of fun to any wedding or event, and continue to grow in popularity – which means it is the perfect time to launch your photo booth business. Whether you are thinking about setting up a photo booth or already have one and just need to know how to launch […]

4 Pieces of Winning Advice for Event Photographers

Whether you’re shooting a huge event with 800 people or a family reunion with 80 guests, there are steps you can take to capture the very best images no matter the size or location of the event. If you prepare for the event properly, your photography skills will shine. Research the Best Angles Before the […]

The Advantages of Adding a Photo Booth to Your Business

Adding a photo booth can take your photography services to the next level by adding variety to your business. Though a photo booth will require an investment in your business, there are many advantages for clients, and for your bottom line. Stand Out From the Competition When prospective clients are searching for a photographer, exhibiting […]

4 Things at the Top of Your To Do List When Shooting a Wedding

There is a lot happening on a client’s wedding day and as a photographer the to do list seems endless. You are the person responsible for capturing it all from start to finish, and you don’t want to miss a shot. As you gain experience, you learn that efficiency is key. Check in with the […]

The Best Way To Consult With Potential Photography Clients

When it comes to wedding photography, those looking to hire you may compare and contrast more than one photography business. Clients are looking for the right person to document a very important day in their lives and want to make sure they choose the best candidate. Aside from being compelling on the phone, there are […]

The Best Photo Printers For Your Photo Booth

It can be extremely exciting and rewarding to offer a photo booth rental as an additional photography service to your clients. Photo booths are becoming more popular today because they offer a unique, fun opportunity for guests to stay entertained at an event or wedding. To set your services apart from the competition, make sure […]

3 Things You Need For A Successful Photo Booth Business

Photo booths are a profitable addition to any photography business. They not only give the client additional pictures from their event, but also give event guests an entertainment option! It’s no secret that photo booths are growing in popularity, so if you’ve got a photo booth and are ready to add it to your services, […]

How to Get More Photo Booth Bookings

After you’ve invested in a photo booth for your photography business, the next step is to book it out to customers. Photo booths are increasingly popular today, as they are being sought after for both weddings and events of all kinds. It is important to spread the word about your photo booth investment so that […]

3 Photography Rules to Follow to Be Great

Improvement is key to any successful career. It is important to grow your skill set and continue to learn. In the photography world, photographers are constantly pushed to be better with growing competition and popularity. Not to mention, there are plenty of trends to keep up with. So, if you are in control of your […]

How To Market Your Photo Booth Business The Right Way

Photo booths are continuing to grow in popularity. Customers are seeking out photo booth rentals for their events as a way to keep guests engaged and entertained. If you have photo booth services available for your clients, make sure you are effectively spreading the word. Make the information accessible Make sure you post on social […]

Why Photo Booth Rentals Are Increasingly Popular Today

These days, photo booths are increasing in popularity, even in a world in which people mainly rely on their cell phone as their camera. People are constantly snapping photos with their iPhones and sending media electronically. Still, there is an undeniable surge in photo booth popularity today. So why in today’s digital age is the […]

3 Wedding Photography Composition Mistakes to Avoid

As a wedding photographer, you have to make sure to get the proper family shots, couple shots, bridal party shots – the list goes on and on. Then there are candid shots to capture. The constant energy and activity at weddings can be overwhelming. When you’re caught up in the excitement of the wedding, there […]

Your Last Minute Photography Equipment Checklists

We’ve all had it happen to us, you get to a shoot and suddenly realize you forgot an accessory. Keeping track of all the equipment you need for a shoot isn’t easy. And with constantly evolving technology, there is even more to account for. We put together a checklist of commonly forgotten photography equipment so […]

Increase the Fun With Event Photography Services

To be an event photographer means that you not only have to be a photographer, but also a very outgoing person and part entertainer. Some events start off with a bang and some move slowly and could use a big personality to get everything going. As the photographer, you can lighten the mood and encourage […]

3 Things You Must Remember As a Wedding Photographer

In the photography business it is easy to be bogged down by tunnel vision and forget to step back to admire your craft. Remind yourself of these things to keep improving your skills and stay grounded as a photographer. Be A Part of the Wedding Remember to take the time to get to know your […]