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White Papers

Selecting the Appropriate Brightness for a Control Room Display

  Operator comfort, not impact, is the goal The demands on a control room display wall are high. It must allow multiple operators to see crucial information, providing a common operating picture they can use to work collaboratively in critical situations. The displays must be crisp, clear and readable, but just as important, they must […]

Selecting the Appropriate HD Resolution Screen Size in a Control Room

  The primary purpose of a display wall in any control room is to provide Situational Awareness and a useful large Common Operating picture for multiple operators to simultaneously see relevant information (data, graphics and video) and collaborate in critical decision-making processes. Display systems in control rooms are more demanding than display systems used in […]

Benefits of Display Wall Systems in Control Room Applications

  A Display Wall (also referred to as Media Wall, Video Wall, or Overview Display) is more than just the organization’s show-piece or just a large, fancy display – it is much more than just “nice to have”. This document will explain how display wall systems benefit operations in control room applications and help make […]