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Capturing Most Important Details At Your Next Wedding Shoot

beautiful wedding bouquet of flowers in hands of the brideOn their wedding day, all of the moving parts that go into making the day so special can become a blur for the bride and groom. As a wedding photographer, it’s important to capture every last detail of the big day to ensure the bride and groom have all of the special moments to look back on. From the bouquet to the place settings, all of those little details will only improve your photographs and create variety in your finished shots! Make sure to look out for these essential details.

Pre-Wedding Festivities

Before the wedding even begins, seek out those little moments that happen when the bride and groom are with their separate parties preparing for the big day. The maid of honor helping the bride put on her gown or the best man giving the groom words of encouragement are just a couple of moments you don’t want to miss. It’s easy to overlook these details because they seem so small at the time, but in the end it’s what the bride and groom will want to remember and cherish for years to come.

The Dress

Capturing photos of the bride in her dress is a must when taking wedding photos, but take time to focus on the small details of the dress. Before she even puts the dress on, take tight shots of the rhinestone embellishments or lace to create a collection of photos rather than solely a shot of the bride in her dress. Developing this eye for detail will enhance all your photos! It took ample time, effort and money planning the outfits for the wedding, so make sure you’re particular!

The Venue & Decorations

After taking photos of the festivities leading up to the event, spend some time at the venue taking photos of the details of the room. Flower arrangements are a big component to any wedding because of the thought and time that went into perfecting them, not to mention the price! Other things to look for include the chairs, decorations, and little embellishments that are important to the couple, but easily overlooked.


In addition to capturing every last detail of the wedding party, venue and decorations, it’s time to put your spotlight on the cake! Most couples spend time making the cake unique to them by adding little details that showcase their personalities. Whether it’s a classic design or an over the top showstopper, the cake is a vital element of any wedding.

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