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Beyond Food Photos: Restaurants Are Now Serving Up Selfies


SelFone Wireless Print StationThe latest marketing trend for restaurants has nothing to do with the food! Savvy restaurant owners are giving their patrons something they can take home and remember the night. If your customers are actively taking photos of the food, and themselves, while dining with you – capitalize on those snaps by letting them leave with printed photos. Here’s how this new marketing trend is taking off for restaurants.

Marketing from Table to Refrigerator

Instead of offering your guests promotional flyers or coupons that end up in the trashcan, give them pictures of themselves that they can post on their refrigerators at home! Now, restaurant owners can allow their guests to print out their selfies, with restaurant branding and coupons attached! Your guests have a reason to hold onto the promotional content when it includes pictures and memories from their experience.

Introducing the SelFone Wireless Print Station

Mitsubishi’s new SelFone Wireless Print Station™ lets guests print their selfies instantly at your facility. The station just has 3-easy-steps to operate and is completely self-contained. Guests simply take a photo; connect to the SelFone’s customized WiFi hot spot, and print. They can send photos instantly to the printer, right from their table, using their smart phones. As the owner, you can customize the graphics that go on the photos, turn the printing station on and off remotely, and set limits about how many photos each guest can print.

Monetizing The Prints

Now you have the opportunity to capitalize on your customer’s behavior, give them a keepsake of their night with you, and promote any specials or promotions coming up. This is a marketing campaign that keeps on giving days and months after your patrons leave the restaurant. And, it’s a one-time purchase with no additional operating costs.

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