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Abbey Photography Successfully Promotes Business Donating Services to 5th Annual Anthony Fasano Golf Classic

Seasoned professional photographer, Neal Clipper, owner of Abbey Photographers, LLC, uses Mitsubishi Electric’s professional photo printers and subtle marketing techniques to attract new photography clients by donating Abbey Photographers’ on-site event photography services to the Anthony Fasano Golf Classic tournament held on May 9, 2011 at the Montclair Golf Club in New Jersey.

Proceeds from the annual Anthony Fasano Golf Classic event benefit the REED Academy, Resources for Effective Educational Development, a non-profit school providing highly individualized educational programs for children with autism spectrum disorders. Over the years, Neal Clipper and Abbey Photographers have developed a deep relationship with the Academy by providing on-site event photo printing for its annual golf classic.

“It’s important to give back to the community when you can,” said Neal. “Even though we’re all here to support the kids, I’m running a business and I’m always marketing to new clients, so events like this are perfect. We donate our photography services – providing framed keepsake photos for all who attend, and we are able to generate event photography leads with the Abbey Photographers marketing message we send home with every golfer on the back of their photographs.

Traditionally, Neal and one additional photographer work the Anthony Fasano Golf Classic golf event.  While sending his counterpart to the ninth hole to focus on the photographing the important celebrity shots with Anthony Fasano, tight end for the Miami Dolphins, Neal travels the course, capturing portrait photos of each foursome. “We shoot photos throughout the day and print them quickly, on-site, with the Mitsubishi Electric CP-9810DW high-speed, professional photo printer,” said Neal. “We use Mitsubishi CK-9057-HG high-grade photo media because it produces the sharpest, most-brilliant, photo prints.  Sending golfers home with high-quality photographs of the event makes this really special for everyone. At this year’s tournament, we provided 200 high-quality photographs – each one a lasting memento of the day and each one an effective marketing tool for Abbey Photographers.”

For this event, Neal produced professional, 5×7” portrait-style photographs for each member of every golf foursome participating in the tournament.  He mounted the photos in crisp, white photo frame holders printed with the Anthony Fasano Golf Classic logo and the event date on the front and on the back of the folder, the Abbey Photographers logo and contact information.  In addition, Neal placed an Abbey Photographers “contact us” label on the back of each photograph before mounting the photo in its frame to ensure potential clients will be able to locate him if the photo and frame become separated.

Professional, on-site photo prints are an added value at an event like this,” said Neal. “The added value for the charity can be measured by the smiles and comments of the golfers as they pass by the photo table to retrieve their beautiful, framed, photo memories.  Giving back to the community and promoting Abbey Photographers’ in a subtle, effective way is a calculated ‘win-win’ for all!”

During this year’s golf classic, the manager of the Montclair Golf Club was so impressed with Abbey Photographers’ event photography service, he asked Neal to provide quotes for a list of future event photography projects at the club including anniversary balls, dinner dances and other in-house events.  Explained Neal, “That’s how it works. We donated our event photography services to a favorite charity and generated new business for Abbey Photographers – even before that day’s event was finished.”

Neal’s Equipment:

  • Mitsubishi Electric CP-9810DW Professional Photo Printer
  • Genuine Mitsubishi Electyric High-Grade Photo Media
  • Computer
  • Appropriate software
  • Three professional cameras
  • Self-branded photo frame holders with event logo and date, along with Abbey Photographers’ logo and contact information on the back
  • Abbey Photographers’ branded labels, placed on the back of every photo
    • Label includes: photographer’s logo, website, phone and email

Mitsubishi Electric CP-9810DW
Professional Photo Printer

  • CP-9810DW Glossy, Matte, Fine, Continuous Fine
  • 3.5×5-, 4×6-, 5×7-, 6×9-inch photo prints
  • Standard or High-Grade media

Mitsubishi Electric Genuine High-Grade
Photo Media

Hi-grade, premium media for the most brilliant, realistic images. With 16% broader dynamic range than standard media, Mitsubishi Electric’s high-grade photo media achieves superb color reproduction and remarkably sharp, contrast-rich images with rich, deep blacks and soft tonal gradations.

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Abbey Photographers

Neal Clipper, the owner of Abbey Photographers, has been photographing people and their most cherished events since 1985. His company has photographed over 3,000 social events.

Phone – (201) 947-1221

To see a video of Neal and Abbey Photographers at the Anthony Fasano Golf Classic visit: