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4 Ways To Ensure Your Event Is A Success

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Planning an event can be a daunting task. Just remember, everything you do is to ensure that your guests have a good time. To make your planning process easier, keep these four things in mind:

 Figure Out Logistics


After you’ve secured vendors, your focus will be on logistics. The logistics can truly make or break an experience. They create a flow so that you and your staff know exactly how things will unfold at the time of your event.

Two of the biggest concerns are generally food and parking. Whether you decide to serve smaller snacks or have someone cater, always overestimate how much food you’ll need. When people are dancing, mingling, or drinking, the food supply can quickly diminish.

Regarding parking, make sure there’s signage that clearly indicates where people are supposed to park. It may seem like a minor detail, but it’ll make a huge difference for both you and your guests. Also, be sure to inform all of your vendors about where to park and unload.

 Hire Entertainment


If your event is a concert or show that’s based around an entertainer, then you’ll already have this locked down. However, if you’re planning a charity event, art show, or conference, then you’ll want to provide some type of additional entertainment, such as a band or DJ, for your guests. Not only will this create an ambiance, but it will also keep your guests around longer.

Leverage Social Media


Once you have some of your details nailed down, start spreading the word on social media! You’ll be able to interact with potential attendees and create more awareness about what you’re planning to bring to their community. Promoting your event in advance will create excitement and get people talking. This will give you a bigger chance for success.

Make A Lasting Impression


Where there’s a party, there are seflies. You can be sure that a majority of your guests will be taking photos throughout the event. People love capturing memories and sharing them with friends! With Mitsubishi’s new SelFone Wireless Print Station, users can take a photo on their cell phone, connect to the SelFone’s WiFi hot spot, and print right from where they’re standing!

Every photo can be printed with your logo, a coupon, or any promotional design you would like. At the end of the event, they walk away with their memories and your business information in hand.

To learn more about the SelPhone Wireless Print Station,  visit our website or call one of our sales representatives at 1 (888) 307-0309. This affordable tool will help you take your marketing efforts to the next level.