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4 Things at the Top of Your To Do List When Shooting a Wedding

40791950 - a bride and a groom is cutting their wedding cakeThere is a lot happening on a client’s wedding day and as a photographer the to do list seems endless. You are the person responsible for capturing it all from start to finish, and you don’t want to miss a shot. As you gain experience, you learn that efficiency is key.

Check in with the Bride

The bride will be excited for her wedding day. The easiest thing you can do to channel that excitement is to keep her involved. Make it a point to check in with her throughout the day. Make sure you have a list of photos you want to take and who has to be in each one. The bride to be will be excited to help you compose a shot list that will make your life easier on the day of the wedding.

Explain the Photography Package

No one wants any surprises in pricing or services at the last minute. It is crucial to list what is included and make sure you are meeting your client’s needs. Call the day after your consultation appointment to reconfirm the client’s desired wedding package – and to answer any questions that may have come up. Your client will appreciate that you’re checking in and sense that they are being taken care of.

Sell your Photo Booth Services

Photo booths are extremely popular right now. Explain to the bride and groom that a photo booth will give them additional options for photos. Explain that photo booth photos offer a completely different view of the wedding than the photos you will take.

Set a Time Line

Rarely does a wedding day go as planned. There will always be surprises that pop up, and you need to be ready. Plan ahead as much as possible. You’ll want to get shots of the wedding cake before the ceremony. Make note of the speeches happening and where you need to stand when they take place. This way, if anything happens to be delayed, you’ll be ready when it comes time to resume.

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