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4 Pieces of Winning Advice for Event Photographers

Whether you’re shooting a huge event with 800 people or a family reunion with 80 guests, there are steps you can take to capture the very best images no matter the size or location of the event. If you prepare for the event properly, your photography skills will shine.

Research the Best Angles Before the Event Starts

On the event day, where do you begin? To start, get to the event early and make note of where your best photos are going to be taken from. If there is a main speaker at the event, find a place where you can stand where no one will be in your way. Next, check that you aren’t blocking any of the attendees’ views of the speaker. Plan ahead so that you know where you’ll be able to get your best photos.

Dress Accordingly

If you’re shooting a formal business event, then you should be dressed in business attire. If you’re taking photos at a banquet, make sure your dress is still professional, even if it is a bit fancier. When you’re the photographer, it is important that your dress reflects your professionalism. You’ll be recognized as the photographer with the camera in your hand, so make sure your outfit projects the image you want others to see.

Ask Permission for Certain Photos

If you’ve planned to take photos of award winners, or a group of people at the event, be sure to tell them who you are and what the photos will be used for. If they are uncomfortable with the idea, it is best to let them be. However, the more you make an effort to be part of the event, the more relaxed guests will feel. Stay involved and lighten the mood so that everyone wants to jump into a group shot at the end of the event!

Follow Through After the Event  

Once you’ve taken your best photos, edit and deliver them promptly. Make sure you have the right equipment. With the CP-W5000DW professional dye sublimation duplex printer, you can print customized photo books, photo cards, calendars and thank you cards on demand, allowing you to offer more products at multiple price points – increasing your profit. Check out our selection of high quality dye-sub printers for every budget and professional printing application.

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