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3 Ways To Win Over The Wedding Party as a Wedding Photographer

groomsmen and bridesmaids with newly married on wedding ceremonyBuilding trust with the bride and groom is only the first step toward successfully shooting a wedding. It’s just as important to get the wedding party on your side because they have a big impact on how the photos will turn out. As a photographer, it’s imperative that you build a connection with the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and families of the couple to ensure cooperation and support throughout the event. So, how do you gain this respect?

Introduce Yourself

A big mistake some photographers make when shooting weddings is that they focus solely on the bride and groom. While the couple is calling the shots, the wedding party is standing right behind them to make sure everything runs smoothly. The photographer has a duty to make everyone feel comfortable. Introducing yourself to each member of the party gets them familiar with you. You want the photos emitting the same positive energy as the event!

Be A Friend… And A Boss 

A strong relationship between the photographer and the wedding party is crucial for a successful shoot. There’s a fine line between being the friend and the boss. You’re with these families during some of the most important moments of their lives, from popping champagne before the ceremony to the first kiss as husband and wife. This is the time to be a friend, while still holding a level of professionalism. Don’t be afraid to enjoy the event, but also remember that it’s your job to make sure the right shots are captured, and that means taking charge. The wedding party will need direction from you and you will need respect from them in order to get the photos you want.

Be Inclusive

Look at everyone in the wedding party as equals. While some may be looking over your shoulder a little more than others, each member of the party is a participant. By befriending each member and including the whole party, you encourage them to trust you. These relationships will help your photography business tremendously by building credibility with people who could potentially refer you. The more people are familiar with you and your work, the more business you’ll see in the future!

Now that you know how to win over the wedding party to get the best shots, it’s time to make sure your prints are as solid as your reputation. Check out the Mitsubishi Electric CP-D90DW dye sub photo printer. This fully featured hi-speed printer produces exceptional quality prints, with a compact and lightweight design, it is the ideal photo printer for event/wedding photography. The best part about the CP-D90DW is that you can turn it into a Wi-Fi printing station by adding the Smart Selfie Print Station to the printer.

Everyone takes pictures at a wedding, but now, you can turn their photos into an opportunity to boost the wedding package you offer, and let guests print their photos wirelessly, right from their smart phones!

The Smart Sel­fie Print Station gives you an easy way to offer and manage wireless printing at your events, enabling you to offer more to your photography services. By adding an on-site Wi-Fi printing station to your package as an upsell, you boost your bottom line with extra revenue while giving your customers lots of fun!

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