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3 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Wedding Photo Shoot

married couple beach wedding sunset oceanWhether it’s having guests huddled up inside a cozy barn in the winter or lining the beach for a tropical summer wedding, outdoor weddings are becoming more popular and traditional. Setting the right location can help better represent the couple and give the wedding a unique and personal touch. As the photographer, it’s important to plan accordingly so that you have the right equipment and photo backdrops! Here’s how to get the best photos at your next outdoor wedding photo shoot.

Make Camera Adjustments

When shooting an outdoor wedding, the most important element is the lighting. The ceremony may start at noon, when the sun is directly overhead, but the reception can run until evening when the lighting is dim. It’s important to understand the different exposure levels of your camera to use the lighting to your advantage. When shooting in harsh lighting, it may be best to get wider shots or use naturally shadowed areas. At dusk, try adjusting your flash to see what works best.

To have the most flexibility when editing, adjust your camera settings to shoot raw files instead of jpg and make sure to adjust shutter speed for the time of day.

Move Around

Since the wedding is outdoors, you’ll have ample opportunity to move around the venue to capture the best moments and find the right light. Arrive early to find good spots for photos. You never know what hidden areas you’ll find for perfect photo ops! Don’t stick to just one or two spots during the ceremony; look out for candid shots and find the small details that will make your photos memorable!

Take Risks 

One of the perks of shooting an outdoor wedding is that you have room to get creative and try new things. If the sun is setting, try silhouettes! Focus on some shots of the location itself – the couple chose this locale because it means something to them.

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