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3 Tips for Executing a Stress-Free Engagement Shoot

engagement photo shoot with balloonsEngagement photo shoots are a great addition to a wedding photographer’s portfolio. Not only do these photo shoots help build a relationship between the photographer and the couple before the wedding, but the photos can be used throughout the wedding planning, as well. With wedding photography becoming a lucrative industry, the competition is steep and photographers are continuously looking for ways to enhance their packages, making engagement shoots the perfect start. These are the best ways to ensure smooth sailing on your next engagement photo shoot!

Get Comfortable with the Couple

This photo shoot could be the first time the bride and groom are in front of a camera together. The stakes are high because these photos might be used for the save the date cards, invitations, and will likely earn a spot in the wedding photo album. With all of this pressure, the couple is bound to feel nervous about the shoot. This is where your expertise comes in!

Before the shoot begins, speak with the couple on the phone or in person to get to know them and make them feel at ease. During the shoot, reassure them of your knowledge and experience. Building a strong relationship now will increase the chances that they hire you to shoot the wedding.

Select A Familiar Location

Location, location, location! Selecting a familiar location for the couple can make the bride and groom more at ease and enhance your photos. Guide the couple in choosing a location that helps tell their story. Whether it’s where they attended high school together or the location of their first date, the setting paints a picture of the couples’ back-story!

Find The Right Props

Props can be fun accessories for engagement photo shoots. They can bring out the creative and quirky side to the couple and help showcase their personalities. But it’s important to use the props sparingly. Having too many can seem over-the-top and make the photos appear busy or corny. Limit your selections to one or two items that can personalize the images.

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