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3 Tips for Creating your Photography Business Brand

Congratulations!  You’ve taken the leap from amateur or hobby photographer to professional!  As you are aware, it is going to take a little more than just pointing your camera and shooting for you to build your clientele and portfolio. Here are three tips for creating your photography business brand that will help you to stand out from the competition.

photography, branding, building a brand, photography business, business brand, social media brandingDefine your photography style

Ask yourself: what do you enjoy about photography? Dissect your answers inside and out to help narrow the type of photography you want to do and be known for. You can start by focusing on one collection of your work at a time and determine what your goal is for each.

It is critical to follow those steps with research. It is important to know what other photographers are doing in your industry. You can also use their work as inspiration, and try to make your images look different.

Create Policies to Protect Yourself

Time is money in the photography business. Since your time is valuable, you need to develop policies that enforce that your time isn’t wasted.

Ask these questions when creating your policies and developing your contract:

  • What happens if it rains for an outdoor shoot?
  • What is your rescheduling policy?
  • What’s the policy if the customer is late?
  • What happens if you become ill?


In addition, talk with each customer about using the images on social media and for other marketing businesses, and work that into the contract. The photos you choose to display to the world will be the face of your business, and adding your work into your portfolio and online will be key in staying relevant, getting noticed and continuously growing your brand.

Enhance Photography Quality

While we are still very much in a digital age, there is still a strong desire for printed photographs, especially for big milestones and moments. Provide your customers with memories they can hold on to (literally) by investing in the right printer for your business.

For example, the CP-D90DW creates a variety of photo sizes without the hassle of additional software. And the CP-D80DW is able to handle printing different sizes without wasting ink with its ‘rewind’ feature making it cost-efficient.

Learn more about the different printers that we offer that can help you excel above the competition. Visit our website or call one of our sales representatives at 1 888 307 0388.