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3 Things You Need For A Successful Photo Booth Business

screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-9-37-00-amPhoto booths are a profitable addition to any photography business. They not only give the client additional pictures from their event, but also give event guests an entertainment option! It’s no secret that photo booths are growing in popularity, so if you’ve got a photo booth and are ready to add it to your services, make sure you have what you need to be successful.


For your photo booth, you’ll want a printer that can keep up with the rapid pace of people hopping in and out of the booth. When searching for a photo booth printer, you’ll want one that’s compact but doesn’t lose efficiency with its size. You may consider our newest premium hi-speed dye-sub digital color printer, the CP-D90DW. It is ideal for photo booths as it is a full-featured event photo printer that is fast and lightweight.

Don’t forget to have extra paper rolls and ink sheets. It is important that you don’t run out; so always have refills handy at every event. There’s nothing more disappointing for guests than an ‘out of order’ photo booth because you weren’t prepared.


Props can add to the fun of any photo booth. The booth often fills with laughter as props are passed out and pictures are snapped. If you are shooting a wedding, offer your clients props that are specific to the wedding. This could be a chalkboard for people to write a message for the bride and groom or a sign that has the wedding date on it.

For more traditional photo booth fun, consider big sunglasses, hats and wigs. Encourage your guests to try everything on and get creative!


The pricing for a photo booth service can be difficult to figure out. Unfortunately, many photographers lose money during an event by not charging enough. Don’t make the mistake of pricing your photo booth too low because you’re afraid people won’t rent it. Instead, your job is to convey to your customers why the value they will get from your booth is worth the price. Make sure to factor in gas, truck rental to move the photo booth if you don’t have one, ink, paper, and staff costs if you need someone to monitor the booth.

The bottom line is to make sure you’ve factored in all that contributes to renting out your photo booth and charge accordingly. Remember, photo booths are worth the extra money for your client, you just have to show them how much fun it can add to their event.

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