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3 Things You Must Remember As a Wedding Photographer


In the photography business it is easy to be bogged down by tunnel vision and forget to step back to admire your craft. Remind yourself of these things to keep improving your skills and stay grounded as a photographer.

Be A Part of the Wedding

Remember to take the time to get to know your clients and how they interact with others. On the big day, think more like a guest and take the pictures you would if you were a close friend of the bride and groom. This way, you’ll remember to have fun with your art and it will show in the images.

Stop Looking For The Best Shot

The best shots will come when you least expect them. Concentrating too much on getting that perfect shot will distract from your work and leave other important moments undocumented. If you’re really afraid of missing the big shots, have a personable second shooter document candid shots and posed shots of the wedding guests. This way you can divide and conquer.

Remember Why You Started

Don’t get bogged down thinking that wedding photography is strictly your work. Have fun with the weddings you shoot. Think back to when you first knew you wanted to be a photographer and why. Remind yourself of your passion and how your images are a keepsake of your clients’ most special day.

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