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3 Photography Rules to Follow to Be Great

38013362_sImprovement is key to any successful career. It is important to grow your skill set and continue to learn. In the photography world, photographers are constantly pushed to be better with growing competition and popularity. Not to mention, there are plenty of trends to keep up with. So, if you are in control of your own photography business, it is important to challenge yourself.

Don’t Skip A Day

Hone your craft every day. Practice shooting or work on mastering a new photography element such as a lens or photo editing software. You can learn more by strategizing, researching photography trends, or practicing a new skill. Remember, keeping up with the constantly evolving field of photography will only put you ahead of the game.

Double-check the background

Sometimes, we get so excited over shooting a subject that we forget one thing: the background. Does the background add to the photo or distract? Make sure to adjust accordingly as you fill your frame by physically moving or zooming in. Get in the habit of checking the scenery around your subject. This is one thing photographers often forget and is crucial to emphasize.

 Recognize what works

Take note of what makes every shoot great. Did you take time to get to know your clients? Did you scope out the location a couple times before the day of the shoot? Did you make note of all the shots you wanted to get and send a list to your clients? Whatever factors contributed to a great shoot should be replicated again. Sometimes it is an organizational contribution that helps and sometimes it is simply preparation and logging extra time with your client.

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