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3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Photography Business

screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-1-00-34-pmYou’ve gotten your photography business off the ground and running. You’ve had success stories and have compiled a list of people in the industry with whom you’ve made connections. Between booking clients and planning your schedule, it is important to take the time to figure out how to further advance your business. In order to continue to build your client base, hone your skills and continue to learn, you must consistently be thinking of ways to grow or refine your business. With the following tips, you will be able to continue to set yourself apart from others.

Offer An Album Registry

By offering an exclusive service that other photographers might not be able to give their clients, you’ll have an advantage. Offering an Album Registry is a great exclusive offer that allows your clients to crowd fund your services. This means that instead of buy wedding gifts, guests can contribute toward paying for your photography services for the engaged couple. Album Registries allow you to help your clients afford the services they want.

Show Off With a Portfolio

As you work in the photography industry and gain experience, it is important to show off your best work. The easiest, most impactful way to do this is to create a portfolio. Instead of pulling up photos online or sending potential clients to your website, having an actual, physical portfolio to hand them right away can make all the difference. You are showing them the work you are most proud of and that can leave a lasting impression on a client. To physically show the end result of a printed photo may be more moving to a client than it would be if they were to see the photo on a screen. After all, they are likely to want their photos printed, too.

Print Your Own Photos

Having the capability to process printed photos for your clients gives you a large advantage. Printing your own photos allows you to offer everything from large photos, custom photo books, greeting cards, announcement cards, even customized calendars and more! The Mitsubishi Electric CP-W5000DW can print dual-sided photos from 4×6 up to 8×12. This gives you the ability to offer your clients a variety of types of prints for purchase. It also puts you in control of the process of delivering the final photos to your clients and taking any additional print requests.

If you’re looking to invest in a dye-sub photo printer that will advance your photography business, Mitsubishi Electric offers professional quality printers for every budget and printing application.

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