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2 World-Class Resorts, 900 Executives, 24,000 Photos: Mitsubishi Electric Photo Printers Powers Ingenuity’s Biggest Event

Steve Immer, owner and president of Ingenuity LLC, a specialist in on-site, corporate event photo printing, recently completed his largest professional photography job ever – providing photographic services on location for a major telecommunications corporation’s annual bi-coastal event honoring 900 of its top performing executives. At two world-class resorts in California and Florida, over a four-week period, Steve and his team of professional event photographers were tasked with photographing every moment of the festivities and providing each of the 900 executives with personally selected and customized photo memories of their experiences.

“We quickly realized the scale of this assignment was a challenge that we needed to address both technologically and organizationally,” said Steve. “We wanted each attendee to be able to choose and instantly print his own personal set of photographs from the hundreds of event photos shot by our Ingenuity photographers. We knew our solution had to be intuitive, easy to use, and operationally reliable. We needed a high quality, high-volume, photo-printing solution that would run continually with minimal down-time and no service issues. We also knew the huge volume of photo prints we planned to produce and were limited by manpower and space constraints at each resort.

Ingenuity’s Solution

Steve and his Ingenuity photography team designed and manufactured a portable, customizable, self-serve photo print station based on the Mitsubishi Electric CP-9550DW professional photo printer. “At Ingenuity, we always use Mitsubishi Electric digital photo printers because they produce outstanding photo prints and have a proven record of reliability. We were happy with our design. CP-9550DW printers performed flawlessly throughout the event, turning out stacks of beautiful photos for the executives every day.”


Ingenuity’s Print Stations

Each print station includes a CP-9550DW photo printer in a tabletop cabinet that can be customized with a client’s corporate logo, event name and other messaging. Guests use the touch screen monitor to choose and print their own photos from the hundreds of event images loaded into the print station each evening. The network’s six print stations are driven by a single laptop computer which is hidden inside one of the print station cabinets, sitting safely on top of a printer. Ingenuity’s specially designed software controls the printer network and monitors the photo count for each guest using an employee number as an identifier. Guests can choose to customize their photos before they print them with graphic overlays, a company logo and/or the date and time.

Over the course of the event, the six Mitsubishi Electric CP-9550DW printers delivered more than 24,000 high-quality photo prints to the 900 corporate executives. “We designed an efficient, reliable, instant photo printing solution for this event and in the process, managed to create a new business tool we will use to expand our operations,” stated Steve. “We knew we had a great solution when we saw all of the people waiting in line in the morning at the photo print stations. The response was incredible!”

Mitsubishi’s CP-9550DW Professional Photo Printer

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Ingenuity, LLC

Ingenuity, LLC is a provider of one-of-a kind photographic services specializing in on-site, instant photo printing for corporate events, professional fundraisers, school events, parties or any celebration. To make events even more memorable, Ingenuity has recently added a totally customizable instant photo booth to its assortment of high-quality event photo solutions.